Sunmi Opens Up About “Siren” And “Lalalay”

A week after we heard Sunmi talk about “Black Pearl” and “Gashina” in the first episode of her Hidden Track No. V, we got to see Sunmi chose another two of her songs in this video.

Sunmi’s thid pick was “Siren“. She explained this by saying that this was the first song she had co-written and co-produced with her beloved DJ Frants.

Her fourth pick was her latest single “Lalalay“. She said that this might be her most cheerful and brightest song so far, and we’d have to agree. As she has stated many times already, she was really hands-on with the production of this song. She wrote the lyrics herself while she was in Mexico during her last tour.

Another thing she loves about the song is how the traditional Korean instrument taepyongso fit in the otherwise very modern-sounding song. We must say that the song overall really does have a very interesting sound. And it’s a bop, but that’s a given.

Do you guys like these kinds of videos when Sunmi talks about her own music? Are you surprised with her top four picks? What would your top pick be? Let us know down below!

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