Sunmi Praises ONEUS’ Hwanwoong For His Cover

The butterfly queen Sunmi is undoubtedly an inspiration for us all, but some people just feel that extra need to show it. One of those people is the incredibly talented ONEUS’ main dancer Hwanwoong.

Today, October 5, he uploaded a short dance cover of her latest hit “Lalalay”. Check out his moves in the video below.

Wow! He really did this iconic choreography justice in just over a minute. We stan talented artists publicly stanning other talented artists.

And do you know what we stan even more? Artists who publicly show appreciation when people cover their art.

That is exactly what Sunmi did over on her Twitter account.

This is definitely not the first time Sunmi has taken to her social media to shout out other K-pop idols. Just check out this article about her adorable interaction with TWICE’s Sana.

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