Sunmi REC-CODE Ep. 1 – Nostalgia And DIY

Today Sunmi published the first episode of her new YouTube reality series.

In the video we see Sunmi on May 26th of this year going to some sort of a thrift shop. She seems very excited to find some deals.

She looks at some sunglasses and watches, finds an old stereo that reminds her of grandma and then comes across an old J. Y. Park cassette tape which cracks her up.

But the main find of the day is an old camcorder, the one we got to see in the trailer for this series.

She spends a long time decorating it with her favorite stickers and markers. To make sure that no one is confused as to who it belongs to, she writes “Miyayeah” on it. And then she writes it again, for good measure. There’s something so incredibly endearing to see a huge star like her get so giddy because she got to put stickers on an old camcorder!

After the DIY portion of the video was done, we got to see Sunmi sit down and talk to us about what this series is all about.

She tells us that the main point of the series if for her to communicate with us and show us a more “gloomy” side of her. She continues by saying that this series is very special to her and that is why she spent so much time decorating the camcorder.

She then flexes her English proficiency on us. Color us impressed.

She concludes the video by telling us we do not want to miss the next episode, which we most definitely won’t.

Did you see the first episode? What do you think about this concept? Let us know down below!

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