Sunmi REC-CODE Ep. 2 – Card Games And EDM

Less than a week after she uploaded the first episode of her new reality series on her YouTube channel, Sunmi is back with another one.

In the second episode, titled “OFF-STAGE” we see Sunmi on June 19 in the studio with JYP producer Choi Seok, better known as Frants.

After some chit-chat about her concert in Seoul and playing with two adorable dogs, Sunmi and Frants head to his studio.

The rest of the episode shows the two of them working on an EDM song. We find out that Sunmi herself wrote the lyrics and that she thinks they will go along with the beat nicely. The lyrics remind them of a Korean card game “Go-Stop” and they spend a minute or two bickering about the rules. In the end it turns out that both of them were right – the rules change depending on the number of players.

Always a perfectionist, Sunmi keeps re-recording her parts of the song until she is satisfied with the finished result and the song sure does sound like a bop.

This series really does what it claimed it will do – it shows us Sunmi behind the scenes and off the stage, be it thrift shopping and putting stickers on her new (but very old) camcorder like in the previous episode, or doing what she does best – pouring her heart and soul into music.

Don’t forget, in less than 24 hours Sunmi’s new comeback song “Lalalay” is set to drop. Be sure to check back in tomorrow!

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