Sunmi REC-CODE Ep 3. – Floral Prints And Mood Boards

Butterfly queen Sunmi keeps feeding us that good, good behind the scenes content even when she’s very much present on the scene.

Today she uploaded a new episode of her reality series.

At the beginning of the latest REC-CODE episode, we see Sunmi meeting with her stylist Jieun. They go through Sunmi’s wardrobe together, reminiscing about her fabulous “Siren” MV outfit with the feathered heels.

Jieun makes fun of Sunmi and her love of floral prints, which is especially funny today because she wore a floral dress for her “Lalalay” comeback stage just a few hours ago.

We also find out a super fun fact – Sunmi found the iconic pink dress from the closing scene of her “Gashina” MV in a vintage shop in London! What a legend!

The girls order some food and talk about Sunmi’s new song “Lalalay” and what style would fit with the overall concept and feel of the song the best. Later we see Sunmi in bed planning her comeback. She’s scrolling through photos on her phone in search for inspiration. She a couple – namely the photo of Madonna in her iconic pointy bra and one of Twiggy from way back when in the 60s.

At the end of the episode she shows us her “Lalalay” mood board, and looking at it now, after the MV came out, it’s so interesting to see how she came up with the concept for this comeback.

Somehow seeing all of this made us love the song even more!

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