Sunmi REC-CODE Ep. 4 – Vintage Shops and English Soccer

In the latest “REC-CODE” episode, Sunmi takes us with her on the European leg of her World Tour.

Her first stop was gloomy London, but the grey skies didn’t stop Sunmi from finding some color to brighten up her day . While she was walking to a Turkish restaurant with her manager, Sunmi saw some cool graffiti she couldn’t help but admire.

And would this even be an episode of “REC-CODE” if Sunmi didn’t take her to a vintage shop? The queen of color and crazy prints picked up a cool colorful shirt and a glittery sweater.

The time spent in England must have really rubbed off on her, because when she arrived in Warsaw she spent her night in, watching soccer (or football, don’t yell at us) match between Liverpool and Tottenham with her manager.

This being her first time in Poland, she didn’t know what to expect from the Polish Miyane, but they didn’t disappoint her. At 8:49 you can see her being touched by their fanchant. An international queen indeed.

What does a K-pop star do after a successful concert? If you said “eats instant ramyeon with her manager in a fluffy bathrobe in a hotel room”, you guessed right. She’s so down-to-earth and adorable.

Do you keep up with REC-CODE? How do you like seeing a more personal side of Sunmi? Let us know down below!

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