Sunmi REC-CODE Ep. 5 – Family Ties And Time Capsules

In this episode of REC-CODE Sunmi took us on a stroll down Memory Lane.

She and her brother Lee Sundong drove to their old neighborhood Gyeongju and went to visit their old elementary school. The siblings were very disappointed to see it closed, but they reminisced about the games they used to play in the courtyard and they visited the place where they buried a time capsule back in 2000.

Unfortunately, the siblings were not crazy enough to dig it up by themselves, so we hope Sunmi will go back in 2030 to show us what her eight-year-old self put in the time capsule.

Sunmi reminded us that she was really into track and field when she was in school, and we also found out that she was a student president. We’re still waiting for something that this woman can’t do…

And what would be an episode of REC-CODE without a mukbang portion? Sunmi and her brother visited a restaurant they remembered from their childhood. They were overjoyed to see that the food was still the same.

Miyane, are you nostalgic when you visit your old elementary or high schools? Let us know down below!

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