Sunmi REC-CODE Ep. 6 – Desserts And Awkward Moments

The sixth episode of Sunmi’s reality series REC-CODE continues right when the last one stopped.

If you remember, in the previous episode we got to see Sunmi spending some quality reminiscing time with one of her younger brothers Lee Sundong.

After they had lunch in their old favorite café/restaurant, they went on a hunt for some dessert.   They decided on getting bingsu, a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with various toppings. Both Sunmi and her brother were delighted to see that the café they visited still served free toast with the dessert. Simple pleasures, am I right?

After eating the dessert and taking some compulsory selfies, they went to visit their youngest brother Lee Seungdon. The siblings tried to be sneaky and stealthy and surprise him by hiding behind a brick wall, but Seungdon spotted them and he was less than impressed.

Everyone who has younger siblings, especially brothers, can attest to the fact that they would sooner swallow their tongue than say they are happy to see you, much rather opting for some (not so) subtle insult. The same thing happened here – Seungdon made fun of Sundong because of his hair. He then proceeded to try to get out of spending time with them by saying he was with a friend, but Sunmi was having none of that and made him get in the car. That’s some big sister energy right there.

Back in the car the siblings started doing what siblings do best – poke fun at their parents. This time they made fun of their dad for being hungover. When asked about why he was feeling bad, the wise dad tried to defend himself by saying that he’d been crying too much because he missed Sunmi, but the youngest sibling wasn’t fooled.

But the absolute pinnacle of this episode happened at the very end. Sunmi asked Seungdon how his girlfriend was, to which he proceeded to answer that they had broken up a week ago. Sunmi’s reaction to this news was absolutely priceless! Her face was the epitome of “Damn, I effed up, didn’t I?”

Anyway, did you enjoy this episode? Did you cause any awkward moments recently? Let us know down below!

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