Sunmi REC-CODE Final Episode – Gratitude And Goodbyes

Miyane, after only seven episodes, REC-CODE has come to an end. Today, September 12 Sunmi uploaded the final episode on her official YouTube channel.

The stars of this episode are once again Sunmi’s younger brothers Lee Sundong and Lee Seungdon. At the beginning of the video we see the three siblings walking on the beach, planning where they are going to eat. We love how Sunmi takes us to a restaurant in every episode.

Once at the restaurant, after some chitchat about the delicious food in front of them, Sunmi turns the conversation to something more meaningful. She says how the three of them don’t have a typical sibling relationship because they get along exceptionally well. The older of the two brothers, Lee Sungdon even works with Sunmi. He is one of her photographers. Sunmi is sad that she doesn’t get to see the youngest brother as much, but in typical younger brother fashion he just says “One of your brothers is enough”.

Sunmi also opened up about missing her brothers when she first became a JYP trainee, saying how not seeing them was the toughest part. Even the youngest brother then cracked and said she was always a good sister, sticking up for them when they were bullied.

He also admitted that he is happy when they get to see each other… and when she gives him allowance. Sundong tried to save the nice moment by saying they never even have to ask for money, Sunmi is always making sure that they have enough. Honestly, she seems like such a good sister.

Towards the end of the episode we see Sunmi alone once again, recording herself on that vintage camcorder from the first episode. She says she wants the next season of REC-CODE (thank you Miya!!) to be a bit more exciting, which is completely unnecessary is you ask us.

She then thanked everybody who watched the show and reminded us that she’s always here for us. And with that, Miyane, she left us to deal with not seeing her in such a casual and personal context twice a week. But hey, at least Miyance Cam is starting again soon!

Did you watch the series? What did you think about it?

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