Sunmi Shows Support For Yubin’s Comeback

Today, October 30, ex-Wonder Girl Yubin came back with her third solo album Start Of The End and the MV for her title track “Silent Movie”.

Sunmi, another ex-Wonder Girl, was quick to show her support for her friend over on her official Instagram account.

In the caption of the photo Sunmi urged everyone to go listen to “Yubin unnie’s” new track, and who are we to say no to Sunmi?

So, if you haven’t already, go give this beautiful song a listen. It is absolutely perfect for this rainy fall weather.

This is just one example of Sunmi being the most supportive idol in K-pop. If you want some more heart-warming content, go check out how Sunmi showed her support for Twice, or how she praised ONEUS’ Hwanwoong for his “Lalalay” cover.

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