Sunmi Tops iTunes Charts + Music Bank Performance

The butterfly queen is at it again!

Sunmi’s company, MAKEUS Entertainment took to Twitter today to share the news that Sunmi’s new song “Lalalay” is number one on the iTunes K-pop chart in 32 countries, including Japan, USA, Germany, UK, and Italy. An international K-pop legend!

Sunmi also continued to promote her new single with her appearance on today’s Music Bank. She somehow managed to sound and look even better than yesterday on M Countdown. She looked like the embodiment of happiness in her neon dress with *that* eyeliner. Sunmi also shared a cute photo with her dear dongsaeng Seulgi, who gifted her Red Velvet’s latest album with a lovely dedication on it.

And for those of you love to see more of behind-the-scenes Sunmi, she uploaded her “Lalalay” Jacket Making Film over on her YouTube account.

It’s so interesting to see how those teaser photos came into being.

Did you see her comeback stage? How about today’s Music Bank appearance? Which outfit did you like better? Let us know down below!

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