Sunmi’s Enchanting Comeback Stage

Today queen Sunmi had her comeback stage over on M Countdown. To remind you, during her showcon on August 27, Sunmi said that she would be promoting her comeback song “Lalalay” for just two weeks, and that she would be moving on to new projects after that. She also said that she is planning to release a new album soon. 

Sunmi looked absolutely stunning in a short floral dress, making us forget that autumn is fast approaching with her spring/summer vibes. 

Before she performed, she had a quick chat with one of the MCs, Han Hyunmin. During their short exchange she showed us the already iconic hair-twirling dance move from “Lalalay”. Do you think it will replace the guns from “Gashina” as her most popular dance move? 

Anyway, Sunmi’s performance was last on today’s M Countdown, and she definitely closed it with a bang! Just check out our butterfly queen in her element!

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