Sunmi’s Fall Nights Song Recommendations

Today, September 16, Sunmi is back on another episode of Hidden Track No. V. After she talked about her own music in the previous two episodes (read about it here and here), this time she had to choose two songs to listen to on a fall night.

The first track she chose was DAY6’s “Letting Go”.

Sunmi said that due to her relationship with them, she got to see DAY6 actually working on the song. She added that even then she thought the song was great. She really couldn’t explain why she chose it, other than the fact that something about the song just pulls at her heartstrings.

Her second pick was BoA’s “Garden In The Air”. Sunmi reminisced about listening to this song back in her elementary and middle school days, and she said that the lyrics of the song were great and that BoA’s voice sounded very sweet.

What are some of your favorite songs for a chilly fall night?

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