Sunmi’s Photoshoot With Her Attractive Dancer + Comeback Spoilers?

Last August Sunmi became the new face of Buckaroo Jeans, and now, one year later, she showed the whole world why she was such a good fit (get it?). A few hours ago the photos from their Fall/Winter photoshoot appeared on Buckaroo’s official IG page.

The male model next to (or above, or below) Sunmi is one of her dancers Cha Hyunseung, who caught the public’s eye at the Waterbomb Festival in 2018 when he showed off his extremely muscular physique. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, look it up. In addition to being a permanent fixture in Sunmi’s dancing crew, he recently became a Calvin Klein model. You can check out his IG account right here.

In other news, Sumni is becoming increasingly more active on her social media accounts as her comeback is approaching.

Yesterday she posted this on her IG account.

Practicing a new choreo? Sure seems like it. The infamous dancer we were just talking about is the guy with the bucket hat and the sleeveless shirt.

Sunmi was also very active on her Twitter account . She tweeted four times and sent her fans into a frenzy of trying to decipher her once again very cryptic Tweets.

Nobody is exactly sure what she meant by those, but Miyane are pretty sure she was tweeting fragments of the lyrics for her new song.

We have no doubts that she will bless us with more teasers in the next two weeks leading up to her comeback. Stay tuned for those updates!

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