Sunmi’s TMI Session With W Korea

If you remember, a month ago W Korea and Sunmi posted some photos of W Korea’s September issue featuring our butterfly queen. You can check out that article here.

Today, September 26, W Korea posted a TMI Session with Sunmi on their official YouTube channel.

Since the photo shoot took place before her “Lalalay” comeback, Sunmi spent the first half of the video talking about her newest song. She said that she’s been thinking about the process of writing songs and lyrics and that she’s been very interested in it lately. We already knew that, however – she did write the lyrics for “Lalalay” herself and she was heavily involved in the whole process of making the song.

We also found out that she got those nasty looking bruises on her knees during this photo shoot.

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The rest of the video Sunmi spent being the relatable queen that she is. She said that sometimes she likes to watch soccer (or football for all of you non-American Miyane), and that her favorite club is Manchester City. She likes to play Candy Crush before she goes to sleep. Speaking of sleeping, she said her favorite place is her bed. Her favorite color is purple and favorite day of the week if Friday. We found out that having her nails always short drives her crazy, but that she just can’t have long nails. What did we tell you? RELATABLE QUEEN!

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