Sunmi’s Virtual Egg Hunt Ends In Apology

As you already probably know, Sunmi is in the middle of final preparations for her comeback which is due on August 27.

A few days ago she started posting cryptic stories on her IG account. the stories would show a location somewhere in Seoul and a date and time.

While international fans could only sit at home, scratch their heads and hope to get an explanation soon, Korean fans excitedly marched to those locations.

Turns out that fans who went there got to see exclusive teasers for her comeback… That is, those who had iPhones could – the teasers were Airdropped.

Understandably, that left her Android-using fans feeling left out and a little bitter and Sunmi ended up apologizing to them on her official Twitter account.

Her Miyane are extremely supportive, telling her she has nothing to apologize for. It is worth noting that these tweets are by international fans who didn’t waste time and/or money on this egg hunt.

These are the two (of presumably three) photos that were airdropped to the fans at the locations.

Ever since the first teaser, everything Sunmi posted was very cryptic and secretive, and we gotta say, it’s working. We can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us.

What about you Miyane? Excited for the comeback? Let us know down below.

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