SuperM Debut Countdown (Part 1)

This article includes the intro teaser, the individual trailers and concept images of the first 4 members revealed + any teasers/info released from September 1 to 15. Stay tuned…🧐

D–18 ⇛ Part 2

D–19 (September 15)

After the close-up photos that dropped at midnight, we believe it is safe to say that Lucas has officially outvisualed everyone!

I mean, take a look at this face:

Unreal, right? We have run out of epithets to describe Lucas at this point! Swipe left below for more new concept photos.

The hashtag of the day is #MultiFacetedPerformer_LUCAS. Comment down below how else would you describe him?

D–20 (September 14)

It’s official: SM is trying to make us all go broke. Now, in addition to eight versions of the SuperM debut album and a grand variety of fan goods at SuperM Official Store, you can purchase your very own AR (augmented reality) T-shirt with your favorite member on it! They don’t use the slogan #WeAreTheFuture for nothing…

Check out all seven members being cute filming each other while posing in their AR T-shirts in the video below.

Admittedly, these tees do look pretty cool. Which one are you planning to get?


Well, this is a first! SuperM just shared their phone number that fans can text for additional exclusive info on their debut. You don’t have to take our word for it; here is the video they shared on their official Twitter and other social media accounts, featuring the whole group… More specifically, Mark and Ten were the ones to deliver this exciting news:

BTW if you try to call this number, you will get the following voicemail recorded by Mark himself:

Hey, SuperM here!
Thanks for calling but this is all about texting. Please make sure to text the number you called and you’ll be dialed in for all the latest and greatest. Text soon!


WARNING: the following images may cause heart palpitations and hyperventilation. That’s right, the second batch of Lucas’ photo teasers has just been released!

Honestly, it should be illegal to look this good:

Check out how well he pulls off this blue velvet suit!

And here are a few more black and white shots. We warned you that Lucas is dangerous…

His visual, his power, his excellence… Lucas is no joke! Which concept photo was your favorite?

D–21 (September 13)

Everyone, it’s Lucas time! The fourth individual trailer dropped at midnight, and it stars none other than the incredible visual Huang Xuxi.

Lucas goes into an elevator wearing a sharp suit and comes out in a hot pink shirt and a cheetah print coat. Again, it looks as if he is being controlled by the mastermind that appears in every SuperM trailer: Lee Taemin. Whatever the meaning behind it may be, we feel truly blessed by Lucas’ gorgeousness right now, don’t you?

Check out Lucas’ first concept photo below and make sure to let us now your impressions in the comments. Since we have two more days of Lucas teasers to go, all we have to say is: brace yourselves and hwaiting haeyadwae!!

D–22 (September 12)

This afternoon, at 4 p.m. KST, SM shared a special behind-the-scenes video of Baekhyun’s photoshoot! In the short clip, you can see how those hot bathroom pics and nature concept photos (revealed on D–31) came to be…

In case you missed it, all SuperM members went live on Taemin’s Instagram last night, and we have the full recap here!

D–23 (September 11)

The final four concept photos of our beautiful dancer Ten just dropped at midnight KST. Once again, these are close-ups that are to die for!

Just like Ten pointed out in his unboxing video, you can notice that his eyes in the picture above are of two different colors: reddish-brown (left) and light grey (right). Gorgeous, right?

Check out Ten’s other teaser pics below. Doesn’t the first one give off major “The 7th Sense” vibes?

The next member will be revealed the day after tomorrow, on September 13. Who do you think it will be?🤔

D–24 (September 10)

The second batch of Ten’s concept photos is here. As Ten himself revealed in his unboxing video, the concept was for his outfit to be nongendered, which we support 100%!

Take a look at this man looking so graceful while doing the bridge:

Or just casually standing in an alley, leaning against the wall, and killing us all in the process? No problem:

Make sure to check out all seven works of art starring Ten by scrolling left below.

Twitter is already on fire, as Ten has become the No.1 trending topic worldwide just 30 minutes after the photos’ release! His beauty left everyone shook😍

Are you guys as impressed with Ten’s concept photos as we are?

D–25 (September 9)

The third individual trailer, that dropped at 12 a.m. KST, features SuperM’s Ten! Witness his stunning transformation in the video below.

Two things are crystal clear from this trailer: firstly, Ten is an incredible dancer; secondly, the blond figure that has appeared in all three trailers so far is undoubtedly SHINee’s Taemin – who will most likely become SuperM’s center.

While we are waiting to see if Taemin will be the protagonist or another cameo appearance in the next trailer, check out Ten’s first concept photo:

How did you guys like Ten’s introduction as a member of SuperM? Let us know in the comments.

D–26 (September 8)

Four more photos of Taeyong have been revealed at midnight! These are close-ups that showcase his perfect features. We’ll give you a taste here…

…and you can check out the rest on SuperM’s Instagram account: 1, 2, 3.

What are your impressions of all the teasers revealed so far? Who do you think is next?

Make sure to stay tuned because the individual trailer for the third member drops tomorrow!

D–27 (September 7)

Are you ready for this? It’s (not Zimzalabim) new photos of SuperM’s Taeyong! He is serving a superior look with heavy eye makeup, wearing a leather jacket and pants, and a see-through shirt! Swipe left below for all seven concept photos. We would advise you to inhale and exhale slowly for this one…

D–28 (September 6)

At midnight KST, SuperM revealed their second member in a jaw-dropping individual trailer… And it’s Lee Taeyong! We got to see multiple Taeyongs in this video, if you can even imagine such a world! Check it out here:

That gun seems to be pointing at all of us who were just killed by Taeyong’s godly visual😲 BTW is that a glimpse of blond Ten near the end (at 1:11)??

Enjoy Taeyong’s first concept image below and don’t forget to brace yourselves for many more to come in the next two days😍

In addition, more photos from SuperM’s practice and their first group dinner were posted on social media yesterday, which you can also check out below.

The “Avengers of K-Pop” are working hard on their debut – are you guys excited yet? Less than a month to go!

D–30 (September 4)

Four more concept photos of Baekhyun have been revealed on SuperM’s social media accounts! If this is any indication of what’s to come, we can expect a total of 12 concept images as well as an individual trailer for each member of SuperM. Our heads are spinning just thinking about it!

Meanwhile, we bring you a taste Baekhyun’s shining visual below, and you can enjoy the rest of the newly-released teaser pics here: 1, 2, 3.

D–31 (September 3)

SM has just attacked us with not one, not two, but seven concept photos of Baekhyun on SuperM’s official Instagram and Twitter! They dropped at midnight, and you can check them out below.

Firstly, here is Baekhyun staring into your soul…

…and again, but looking like a chic fashionista doing it.

He’s also pretending to be outdoorsy, as you can see in the next two pictures.

And, finally, here he is casually looking hot as hell in a random bathroom. Just Baekhyun things, am I right?

If you are still alive after seeing these teasers, let us know your thoughts in the comments! We accept screaming noises as well.

D–32 (September 2)

The first individual trailer and concept image were released at midnight KST! It is EXO’s resident mood maker and SuperM’s oldest hyung: Byun Baekhyun! And when we say “trailer”, we really mean it, as this video looks like a trailer for a blockbuster movie:

The nod to his signature power of light is evident in this video. Moreover, it could be interpreted as the transformation from EXO’s Baekhyun to SuperM’s Baekhyun – although that is not the most popular concept in the fandom, especially these days… Be that as it may, a mere five minutes after its release, Baekhyun’s individual trailer has surpassed one million hearts on V LIVE!

You can check out Baekhyun’s concept photo on Instagram (below) and Twitter.

Baekhyun kind of spoiled the fact that he would be the first member to be revealed by posting on Twitter a couple of hours earlier. The caption read: “Something will be released 2 hours later🤔” Spoiler king right here!

Meanwhile, some EXO-Ls have started the hashtag #AlwaysWithBaekhyun, as a reaction to the negative response from some fans following his yesterday’s Instagram Live with SuperM members and the thought of him being part of a new group in general.

What do you guys think about this situation? Will you be supporting Baekhyun and Kai as members of SuperM? Also, how did you like the trailer?

D–33 (September 1)

At 12 a.m. KST, SM Entertainment dropped the “INTRO” for SuperM! The short clip doesn’t give away much, but we can sure see the “Avengers of K-Pop” concept in those superhero animations of the seven members. You can watch it on YouTube (below), V LIVE, Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition, they posted a cool group shot of Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark. The visuals are definitely on point!

View this post on Instagram

#SuperM #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMtheFuture

A post shared by SuperM (@superm) on

A few hours earlier, Baekhyun held a live video on Instagram from SuperM’s group dinner. He said that they had finished practice, so they went out to eat. We got to see all seven members introduce themselves as SuperM for the first time and show off their greeting, which seems to be a hand gesture with three fingers down, representing the letter M. After the introduction, Baekhyun said: “We are a new group that hasn’t decided on our group chant yet”, with Taemin adding: “Please show us a lot of support!” You can watch Baekhyun’s short IG Live in its entirety on the link.

Are you excited about SuperM’s debut? What are your thoughts on the new group? Let us know in the comments.

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