SuperM Debut Countdown (Part 2)

This article includes the individual trailers and concept images of the final 3 members revealed, the group video and still images + any teasers/info released from September 16 to 28 🧐

D–5 Part 3
D–6 (September 28)

SuperM will broadcast their debut music video live from Capitol Studios in LA on October 4 at 12 PM (KST).

This premiere event will also include a Q&A session with the members – all streamed live across the world.

What would you like to #AskSuperM?


The final group concept photo just dropped and took us by surprise, as it presents a sharp contrast to what we have seen so far!

If you need a moment to take in these chic looks and different hair colors, we totally understand. The one thing that stayed the same, however, are their impeccable visuals😍

Check out the members taking part in a fun interview with Billboard below, as well as the magazine’s article on K-pop’s most impressive lineup to date on the link.

Tomorrow we will get a first look at SuperM’s performance video! Are you excited to see the choreography?
Make sure to check Part 3 of our Debut Countdown in 24 hours.

D–7 (September 27)

One week to go until the debut of the year and SuperM are continuing to wow everyone in their group teasers. Today we got a photo featuring all seven members.

Watch out for the Avengers of K-pop! This title makes more sense now that Lee Sooman has announced that SM Entertainment will establish a cooperative relationship with Marvel (source: Naver). According to the article, this overall collaboration may involve the creation of “a story based on the personalities and characteristics of SM artists” or SM Ent. producing a “Marvel inspired song”.

Stay tuned for more details…

D–8 (September 26)

SuperM’s debut song will be Track 1 on the album: “Jopping”! Check out the official announcement, published on Twitter around noon KST:

This energetic jumping + popping style fits the vibe of some of the earliest choreography teasers that have been released (exhibit A), so we cannot wait to see the end result!

Are you ready to jop with SuperM?

Moreover, the behind-the-scenes video from Lucas‘ photoshoot dropped this afternoon! On behalf of everybody everywhere: thank you😍

Enjoy the incredibly handsome Huang Xuxi in *that* velvet suit below… And for a reminder of the three glorious days of his concept photos, check Part 1 of our Countdown.


At midnight, SuperM released the first batch of group still images!

The first two include the visual Bermuda triangle that are Kai, Taeyong, and Lucas:

Then we have the iconic dancing king duo Taemin and Ten

…and finally, the oldest and the youngest together, the masters of duality: our puppy Baekhyun and baby lion Mark.

The ships are forming before our very eyes. Also, we can’t get over these outfits! SuperM once again took our collective breath away.

Whose teasers did you like the best?

D–9 (September 25)

The first group trailer is out!

SuperM are stepping into the spotlight and shooting for our hearts in this video! Check out the visual attack by all seven members right here:

According to Shazam, the hype music in the background is “Super Car” from the SuperM debut EP (featured in Mark’s trailer as well)! Could this be their title track?

In addition, SM has officially announced the group’s U.S. debut showcase. Read all about it in our article.

D–10 (September 24)

The final batch of individual concept images is here! SuperM’s “master” Taemin is staring directly into our souls in all four photos, and we’re loving it.

Yes, sir, we understand you’re gorgeous😍 Here are the other two pics as well:

Now that all seven members slayed us with their visuals in individual teasers, it’s time for the first group video and concept image! What are you guys expecting?

Come back tomorrow to see what SuperM have in store!

D–11 (September 23)

The third behind-the-scenes video just dropped and it features SuperM’s Ten in all his glory!

Take in his majestic moves and gorgeous looks from the photoshoot right here:


Seven new concept photos of SuperM’s Taemin have been revealed! Check out our dancing king looking classy and absolutely captivating.

The latter teaser pic was actually spoiled for us a couple of hours earlier, as somebody from SM’s social media team must have pressed that Tweet button too soon. We appreciated the preview, though, so thanks!

Get ready for Taemin’s sexy stare in this next one…

…and is that a crop top!?

Fashion icon, am I right?

Swipe left below to see more of Taemin’s gorgeous all white looks.

D–12 (September 22)

Ladies and gentlemen, king Taemin is here! The final member of SuperM, who summoned the others, so to speak, finally makes his appearance in his own individual trailer. We also see snippets of all seven members in the video which you can check out here:

We were just thinking how blond Taemin is almost too powerful when we got a shock from his dark version in the following concept photo.

One thing is for sure, this man has proven over the years that he can pull off any look!

How did you like Taemin’s teaser? Let us know in the comments: which one of the seven trailers is your favorite?

D–13 (September 21)

We barely had the time to recover from yesterday’s teasers, but the final four concept photos of Kai dropped at midnight!

Kim Jongin’s stunning visual features are absolutely blinding in this picture! We’ll take this opportunity to quote Taemin: “He looks pure, but also manly and, at the same time, powerful.” Perfect description, don’t you think?

Finally, to see the rest of Kai’s stunning close-ups, swipe left below.

Well, everyone, we hope you’re ready for the final individual trailer – featuring SHINee’s Taemin – that drops in 24 hours!

Less than two weeks to go until SuperM’s debut! Are you excited??

D–14 (September 20)

The second batch of Kai’s concept photos just dropped and the only thing we can say is… OH MY KAI!

If you recall, he was too shy to reveal these photos in his unboxing video. Well, now we know why! His intense visual is on full display in these sexy but tasteful photos.

The following picture is honestly ethereal…

…and check out the rest by swiping left below. We guarantee that each of the seven photos will take your breath away.

Are these album teasers or art exhibits🤔 Let us know your impressions in the comments!

D–15 (September 19)

The penultimate individual trailer was released at midnight and we guessed right: it’s Kai!

Kim Jongin slayed us from the get-go with his impressive dance moves, wearing nothing but silver chains underneath his black jacket. Check out the full video here:

We even got to see his signature superpower – teleportation. A shout-out to EXO is a must! Unsurprisingly, the hashtag #SuperKAI_Trailer was No. 1 trending worldwide on Twitter in record time.

As expected, Kai’s BFF Taemin appears in this trailer as well. What do you think his role is, considering all six individual trailers released so far? We definitely see him as a mastermind behind SuperM.

Moreover, here is our Gucci king posing in his first concept photo

Are you ready to be knocked out by Kai’s visuals in the next 11 photo teasers to come?😍

D–16 (September 18)

SuperM just shared the second behind-the-scenes video, this time of Taeyong’s photoshoot! Take a look at how his “abstruse sexy” concept came to be…

…and for a reminder of Taeyong’s concept photos, as well as Baekhyun’s behind-the-scenes video, check out Part 1 of our Countdown.


The final four concept photos of SuperM’s Mark just dropped! Our baby lion looks stunning in these close-ups. For instance, check out this expression:

This is the picture that Taemin pointed out in his unboxing video, when he talked about how Mark has a certain duality in his face. As you can see, the right side showcases his innocent boyish charms, while the left side is much more charismatic and even intimidating!

You can swipe left below to see the rest of Mark’s close-ups, both B&W and in color.

The next member to be revealed is most likely EXO’s Kai! We hope you’re ready😏, make sure to check our Countdown tomorrow…

D–17 (September 17)

According to this source, SuperM are set to have their debut showcase on Saturday, October 5, in Hollywood, L.A.

Another K-pop first for the history books! U.S. fans, how are we feeling??


Brace yourselves, biker Mark is here! At midnight on the dot, SuperM released seven more concept photos of their maknae on all social media accounts.

Mark’s combination of badass and adorable never ceases to amaze us. Check out the duality in these photos:

That’s the power of Mark Lee😍 And we’re not the only ones who are impressed; Mark’s BFF Haechan left a comment on one of his teasers on Instagram. MarkHyuck is thriving, everyone!

Swipe left below for all the teasers released today, and don’t forget to comment which pic is your favorite!

D–18 (September 16)

Taemin has summoned SuperM’s fifth member in the next individual trailer…and it is none other than Mark Lee! Mark steps out of a box, sees a darker reflection of himself in the mirror and proceeds to spit straight fire in this amazing video. Check it out yourselves right here:

We are #shook. That’s SuperM’s main rapper right there, no doubt! And this rap is an exclusive teaser for Track 4 on the SuperM mini album: “Super Car”!

In addition, we bring you Mark’s first concept photo, that dropped at midnight KST as well.

How did you like Mark’s powerful introduction as a member of SuperM?

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