SuperM Debut Countdown (Part 3)

This article includes the performance video and MV teasers, as well as any info released from September 29 to October 3. It’s the final stretch!

  • Part 1: individual teasers (Baekhyun, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas) and more
  • Part 2: individual (Mark, Kai, Taemin), group teasers, and more
D–1 (October 3)

SuperM have announced their “We Are The Future Live” tour. More on that here!

D–2 (October 2)

SuperM held their first press conference in Seoul today and greeted the Korean public as a new group for the first time.

The members talked about their feelings on becoming SuperM, each track on their debut album, future plans, and more. Check out the recap of their Q&A session on the link!

In addition, SuperM have finally decided on their official hand gesture, which is basically 🤘 upside down, with the knuckles of the middle and ring finger slightly protruded in order to form the letter M.

The leader Baekhyun suggested that black could be the group’s signature color:

All our teams have different official colors but if you mix a lot of the colors together, it usually becomes black. Wouldn’t it be cool if our color was black?

And the members then agreed that it would be nice if the fandom color was white, to represent a blank slate for the new team and new possibilities. This is, however, unofficial, so we’ll have to wait for confirmation from SM on the official group and fandom colors.

The most touching detail the members shared is the support each of them has from their original teams. See the Tweets below for a firsthand account.

That’s how their respective fandoms should be like as well, don’t you think?

After the press conference ended, the seven members headed to the airport to leave for Los Angeles, where they will hold their debut showcase (October 4 at 12 pm KST, broadcast live on YouTube).

It has also been revealed that they will appear on the Ellen show on October 9!

We wish SuperM the best of luck in all their U.S. and other activities!!


The final still images from the filming of SuperM’s music video just dropped and we’re looking at all seven K-pop Avengers in all their glory.

Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark just made the Dubai desert even hotter!

They will be introduced to the world the day after tomorrow, October 4. The SuperM debut party is on its way! Are you ready for the future?

D–3 (October 1)

You can follow SuperM’s debut in real time on YouTube! Here is the official schedule:

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#SuperM #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMtheFuture

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The MV still images of Taemin, Baekhyun, Taeyong, and Mark were unveiled at midnight KST and they are as badass as the ones we saw yesterday!

First we have SuperM’s leader in the desert, portraying a different concept than the other members. That pink hair and all white outfit make Baekhyun look ethereal rather than intimidating.

Then we have the chic maknae on the streets of Dubai. Who allowed him to look this good and grown-up?!

Next we have Taeyong at a similar location as his fellow NCT member. He is serving looks with that purple hair, colorful shirt and leather pants.

If you survived that last pic, get ready for Taemin being the hottest biker dude ever.

Only Lee Taemin can outshine the sunset…

What will tomorrow’s still image bring? Stick around to find out!

Also, a couple of hours earlier, SuperM went live on Instagram after practice to promote their debut album once again and remind everybody that both the EP and the music video will be released in just three days. The IG Live lasted for only 2 minutes and you can watch the replay on their official account.
The boys are evidently working very hard on this, so let’s hope they get a lot of love and support when they finally debut!

The D-Day is almost here! Are you excited?

D–4 (September 30)

The music video teaser for SuperM’s debut track “Jopping” just dropped and our jaws hit the floor!

This is not just any MV, this looks like a Hollywood movie. If you recall, the group shot it in Dubai, UAE. Check out the preview here:

The MV still images for the first three members – Kai, Ten, and Lucas – were also revealed!
Take a look at the boys being action heroes and, of course, visual kings below.


That close-up of Lucas was unnecessary, but highly appreciated. And is Kai (with a man bun!) about to jump out of that helicopter?!
Guess we’ll have to wait until October 4 at 1 pm KST to find out.

The MV still images for the remaining members drop tomorrow, so stay tuned!

D–5 (September 29)

At 1 am KST, SuperM posted their performance video, featuring Ten, Taemin, and Kai taking turns to show off their impeccable dancing skills.

Each performance gives off a different vibe.

First, we have Ten with his smooth and groovy dance up until the break in the end, when he does more hard-hitting moves.
Next, Taemin dances in an intense and powerful way, that is also incredibly elegant thanks to his perfect lines.
Finally, Kai delivers an emotional and mesmerizing modern dance performance.

The three dancing kings came and conquered!

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