SuperM Drop Game-Changing “Jopping” MV + Debut Album

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Just eight hours after its release, SuperM’s first mini album has hit No. 1 on iTunes in 31* countries. Talk about a strong debut!
(*The list below shows only 30, but the album was #1 in Mauritius at one point although it dropped to #2 now.)

In addition, “Jopping” is the No. 1 song in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines at the moment, and the MV has almost 3.5 million views on YouTube!

The album is currently #6 on U.S. iTunes, steadily climbing the chart… Let’s see if they reach the top.

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After over a month of teasers and anticipation, today, October 4, is the day when SM Entertainment’s hybrid supergroup finally debuted. And we have to say it was worth the wait!

SuperM’s Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Ten introduced themselves to the world like futuristic gladiators in their debut music video for “Jopping”, which you have to see to believe. We are used to high quality MVs in K-pop, but the so-called Avengers took it to the next level.

Our hands are in the air and jaws on the floor. “Jopping” is a powerful song with an addictive beat that can definitely get any party going. Soundwise, it is a combination of electropop and the signature SMP genre.

The rap verses were fire, the beat is sick, the vocals top-notch. I mean, can we talk about Baekhyun’s high note? Perfection. And Ten’s dance break in the end? Wow.

The song is so epic that Major League Baseball used it in their postseason trailer. It actually came out last night! Who would’ve thought that MLB would be the one to spoil SuperM’s title track?

SuperM The 1st Mini Album

The group’s debut album is also out now worldwide! It includes a total of seven tracks: five full songs and two instrumental versions (for “Jopping” and “I Can’t Stand The Rain”). Each track was designed to highlight each member’s character. And don’t worry, none of them are completely in English! See the link for more details on where to buy the EP.

After listening to the album, we bring you a recap of each of the remaining four tracks…

Track 2 “I Can’t Stand The Rain” is a unique mix of contemporary pop and traditional Asian instruments like ajaeng and Korean drums. It’s the epitome of East meets West and gives off an imposing and mysterious vibe. This track and “Jopping” are the only ones sung by all seven members, while the other three are unit songs. The dramatic lyrics express a man’s desire to return to his beloved after a long time apart. The vocals are especially impressive on this track. Finally, we have to point out that “Aaah-aah” chant as the most addictive.

Track 3 “2 Fast” features Baekhyun, Taemin, Mark, and Lucas. It’s an R&B-based house song which describes a deep love that makes you lose a sense of time. The combination of Baekhyun’s and Taemin’s voices is so ear-pleasing and Lucas complements it well with his low tone. This may be the catchiest song on the album (apart from “Jopping”), that also showcases the vocal line’s talent in stunning ad-libs.

Track 4 “Super Car” – which we have already heard in some of the teasers – is a five-member unit song. Taemin, Baekhyun, Taeyong, Ten, and Mark collaborate on this hip hop track that talks about the ambition to run around the world without hesitation by comparing oneself to a supercar. The chorus and the rap parts hit hard, but the verses are more smooth. And Taeyong’s singing at 1:16 really took us by surprise in the best way possible! Mark went off in this song, but the only regret is that the incredible rap from his individual trailer was not included in the official track.

Lastly, Track 5 “No Manners” brings together four dancing and vocal kings: Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, and Ten. The song talks about a bad breakup that requires a person to be cold-hearted and pull the plug on the relationship. It combines hip hop with an R&B pop sound. We’re loving the ’90s vibe in this song. The members give us a perfect harmony on the chorus and, in particular, 10velys will be happy to hear that the spotlight was finally on Ten’s vocals. The best friend duo Taemin and Kai on the same track is something we’ve been missing since 2014 and the iconic “Pretty Boy”! Taeyong does a perfect mix of melodic and fast rap at the very end. In fact, NCT’s leader wrote his own lyrics and participated in composing this song!

We’ll get to see SuperM perform live during their debut showcase in two days, on October 6 at 11 am KST (or October 5 at 7 pm PDT), which will be broadcast live on YouTube.
And you can catch the boys on the Ellen show on October 9!

SuperM will also be kicking off their first “We Are The Future Live” concert tour in November, so make sure to check our article for the current list of dates and any future updates.

How did you guys like SuperM’s debut? What’s your favorite track on the album? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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