SuperM Drops First Teaser Video

Watch out for the Avengers of K-pop!

On August 18 at midnight, SM shared a sneak peek of SuperM’s dance practice on the group’s official YouTube channel, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as SMTOWN’s VLive channel.

This video, which has surpassed 100,000 views on Twitter in less than 15 minutes, features – in order of appearance – Kai (black T-shirt and cap), Lucas (black sweater and cap), Ten (black T-shirt and cap), Taemin (blond hair, white sweater, black cap), Baekhyun (white T-shirt, black bucket hat), Mark (white T-shirt, black cap, glasses), and Taeyong (white T-shirt and mask, black cap) working hard in the practice room on August 13, preparing for their debut as SuperM. We can already make out some cool dance moves!

Are you getting excited??? Stay tuned for future updates🧐

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