SuperM Make U.S. Television Debut On ‘Ellen’

On October 9, SuperM guested on the Ellen show and performed their debut track “Jopping” as well as “I Can’t Stand The Rain”.

During their interview, the seven members briefly introduced themselves, accompanied by loud screams from the fans in the audience. Between Baekhyun’s “You can call me Bacon” and Taeyong’s “Mom! I’m on Ellen!!!”, it was already entertaining from the get-go.

Next, Ellen asked them what “jopping” actually means and Kai readily demonstrated and insisted that she do the move with him. Ellen probably has no idea how lucky she was in that moment.

Check out the full interview below to find out more; like the boys’ relationship status (although you can probably guess the answer), possible fandom names, and the very special gift SuperM brought Ellen.

In addition, everybody in the audience got their very own copy of the SuperM mini album!
You can watch SuperM’s amazing live performance on the Ellen show on the links:

What did you think of SuperM’s debut TV appearance in the United States?

(We will update this article when/if more clips become available on the official YouTube channel, so stay tuned!)

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