[SuperM] Taemin Unboxing Video + Behind-The-Scenes Stories

On September 10, SM shared another unboxing video of SuperM’s debut album, this time featuring only Taemin, who talked about the group version of the album SuperM. Make sure to also check out all seven members unboxing their individual versions here.

Besides giving us some spoilers regarding the contents of the album, Taemin also shared his thoughts on each member’s visuals, energy, etc. He already gives off major leader vibes!

The last part of the video is especially endearing, as Taemin talks about the boys working on their team synergy, potential plans to live in a dorm when promoting in the USA, and more. Check out the full video with English subtitles below.

We hope stories like these make fans less skeptical and more supportive of this new group. At the end of the day, it is evident that the members get along and wish to do well as SuperM. Therefore, the least all different fandoms can do is support them in their endeavors, don’t you think?

Are you guys looking forward to SuperM’s debut? Don’t forget to stay tuned for daily updates in our Countdown article.

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