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UPDATE (August 29 at 12 AM)

We finally know what yesterday’s teaser was all about! The members’ photos are in fact individual album covers for SuperM’s first mini album SuperM, while the SuperM logo is the group cover. The album is already available on Amazon to pre-order! However, Lucas’ version is not yet listed there as of now.

Therefore, SuperM’s official debut date is October 4! The album SuperM will include five tracks (listed below). You can purchase any of the 8 versions of the album, as well as some cool merch on Super M Official Store.

  1. Jopping
  2. I Can’t Stand the Rain” (Instrumental available now on Spotify and Apple Music!)
  3. 2 Fast
  4. Super Car
  5. No Manners

In addition, SuperM posted two more pics on Twitter and Instagram. Firstly, photos of all seven members and the SuperM name and logo, followed by the official promotion schedule:

So, everyone, it seems that our official SuperM Debut Countdown begins on September 1! Make sure to come back to TheStandom for all the latest news.

Raise your hand if you’re excited about SuperM’s debut๐Ÿ™Œ

UPDATE (August 28 at 5 PM)

First close-ups of SuperM’s handsome members were shared this morning as part of the SM Global Shop Newsletter! Check out the latest teaser below.

SuperM is finally here! Well, in Dubai, to be exact.., Taeyong just posted some pictures (looking angelic) by the Burj Khalifa on Instagram and Twitter, while Baekhyun also shared some photos on his Story yesterday.

Are you okay after the visual attack from the newest teaser pics? Let us know down below๐Ÿ˜„


It has been confirmed that SuperM will be filming their debut music video in Dubai, UAE! According to Naver, SHINee’s Taemin and NCT’s Mark and Taeyong are leaving for Dubai today to film the MV, while the other members โ€“ Baekhyun, Kai, Lucas, and Ten โ€“ will join them on-site. The two EXO members were already spotted at Dubai International Airport yesterday.

UPDATE (August 26 at 12 AM)

Another video teaser just dropped! The 34-second clip filmed on June 13 shows Kai, Taemin, Mark, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taeyong, and Ten at a recording studio. Although we cannot hear the actual song, this sneak peek made us very curious… How about you?

You can also check it out on V LIVE, Instagram, and Twitter. What kind of song do you think (or hope) SuperM will debut with?

Meanwhile, EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai went to Dubai after finishing their concerts in Manila, leading fans to speculate about the filming of SuperM’s music video!

UPDATE (August 24 at 12 AM)

Two new teaser photos have been revealed! SuperM look superfocused in the middle of choreography practice. And we definitely got some “Wingardium Leviosa” action on the second pic. Check them out below and on SuperM’s IG account!

UPDATE (August 22 at 12 AM)

The second sneak peek video from SuperM’s practice is out on YouTube, VLive, Twitter, and Instagram! We see all seven members not only working hard in SM’s practice room on August 17, but also laughing, having fun arm wrestling, posing in front of the mirror, sharing food, and generally being cute together. They can also be seen wearing matching black shirts with “SuperM” written on the back.
Check it out here:

We can already tell that they are going to make a great team! What do you think?

Original article:

On August 20, a little past midnight, SM dropped more surprise teasers of their upcoming supergroup SuperM! This comes just two days after they released their first sneak peek video.

The black and white photos posted on SuperM’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts depict members Lucas, Mark, Baekhyun, Kai, Taemin, Taeyong, and Ten in the middle of practice at SM’s dance studio. Take a look below.

In the meantime, Twitter is buzzing after the songwriting/producing duo LDN Noise โ€“ credited with producing hits like SHINee’s “View”, f(x)’s “4 Walls”, Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”, Taeyeon’s “Why”, EXO’s “Monster”, “Lucky One”, “Lotto”, “Power”, NCT 127’s “Fire Truck”, NCT DREAM’s “We Young”, and many more โ€“ held a panel at KCON, revealing that they had been working with SuperM. The main rumor is that SuperM might debut in Korea as early as this month and that their upcoming title track is mostly in English! LDN Noise has just recently tweeted about their collaboration with SuperM:

What do you guys think of this rumor? SM says this group is the future of K-pop (#WeAreTheFuture), would you agree?

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