‘SuperM The Beginning’ Air Date Confirmed

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UPDATE (October 21)

A special preview video of SuperM The Beginning was released today! You can watch it here:

Original article

SuperM’s special reality/music show will be broadcast on SBS as Part 1 and Part 2 on October 25. According to the official SBS website, the first part airs at 11:10 pm, while the second part starts at 11:50 pm KST.

SuperM The Beginning is a program that combines a comeback show-style format – which will be SuperM’s first official performance in Korea – with a reality show-style format, including behind-the-scenes footage filmed in the United States.
(Source: Naver)

Are you excited to see what SuperM have in store for us? Stay tuned…

You can read more about their historic U.S. debut and accomplishments in our article.

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