‘SuperM The Beginning’: Team Chemistry & Amazing Performances

On October 25, SBS aired the reality/music show SuperM The Beginning, that took viewers behind the scenes of SuperM’s U.S. debut and the days leading up to it. In addition, we got to see special stages for three tracks from the group’s chart-topping debut album; and since the filming took place in Korea, this marked SuperM’s first official domestic performance.

The show was narrated by K-pop icon and SuperM’s senior labelmate BoA! At the beginning, she introduced the group and mentioned their incredible achievements so far. More on that here.

There was even a short interview with Steve Barnett, the CEO and Chairman of Capitol Music Group, and Michelle Jubelirer, CMG’s COO. They talked about their company’s rich history, including superstars like The Beatles, and current artists (Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, etc.). Barnett mentioned how he wanted to branch out into K-pop, so his COO did some research and they both concluded that SM Entertainment would be the perfect partner. Its founder Lee Sooman came up with the Avengers concept and the rest is history…

Next, we saw the seven members individual introductions. Notably, Kai almost said “EXO’s Kai” instead of “SuperM’s”, showing how it was still early days for this new group, so it was bound to be a bit awkward.
When they asked Ten about his first thoughts on being a part of the supergroup, he humbly said:

“SuperM…? Is that for real?”, I felt like that. When I first heard about it from my manager, I thought it was a joke, and then there was the “me??” type of feeling.

The one aspect where there was no awkwardness, however, was the bond between the members. Their chemistry was palpable from the start.


We saw SuperM’s arrival at the Beverly Hills mansion that was their home during U.S. promotions. The boys were in awe of the luxurious house and especially the accompanying pool! They ran around inspecting each room like giddy kids, which was very endearing.
Ten explained that they chose a dorm instead of a hotel because all of them felt that staying in a hotel would mean they wouldn’t get to spend that much time together, while living in a dorm could strengthen their bond. And it sure did!

After taking a tour around the house, it was time to choose the rooms. Baekhyun hilariously tried to pull the leader card to ensure that he’d have first pick, but Kai and the others were not having it, so the members drew lots to decide the choosing order. The result was:

  1. Taeyong
  2. Baekhyun
  3. Taemin
  4. Mark
  5. Ten
  6. Kai
  7. Lucas.

Taeyong, who got first pick, kept teasing Taemin that he would take the room he put dibs on, which got SHINee’s maknae very nervous, but in the end, he got the room he wanted. Also, in a twist of fate, Kai chose the same room as Baekhyun, so the EXO brothers were reunited as roommates. The self-dubbed “evil twins” Mark and Ten also ended up sharing a room. Lucas and Taeyong were right next door to each other, while Taemin was solo.

Another funny moment was when Ten had to wait on the terrace while Mark used the toilet because the fancy bathrooms had glass walls, with no doors or curtains, so the boys were quite exposed. However, Mark said that he didn’t mind telling Ten he had to do his business because his hyung had already seen many sides of him, so he wasn’t shy about it.
Meanwhile, Taeyong had a swim in the pool, and Lucas was hanging out with his sunbaes Baekhyun, Kai, and Taemin, practicing English from a textbook.

Afterwards, with only three days to go until their U.S. debut, SuperM headed to the dance studio to practice their choreography. They not only worked hard but also had fun together, playing around and having a meal from Panda Express. On the way to the studio, we heard Baekhyun talking about his goal to make Taemin’s diet plans fail, so, apparently, mission accomplished!

Special stage 1: “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

SuperM made their first radio guest appearance on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. Before going on air and even the night before, the members who are not fluent in English, especially Kai and Taemin, were seen practicing hard what they were going to say. As you can see (and hear), it turned out great…

The event at Capitol Records was next on SuperM’s schedule, where they watched the premiere of the “Jopping” music video together with Mr. Lee, the press, and some lucky fans. You can watch the full event below.


The day started with “morning fairy” Taeyong, who got up first and went to wake up everybody else. We got some cute shots of sleepy SuperM!

Before moving on with the reality format, it was time to watch the first ever performance of “Super Car” in Korea! Baekhyun, Taemin, Taeyong, Mark, and Ten burned the stage and were later joined by Kai and Lucas. In that sense, it was similar to their stage in Los Angeles. All in all: fire! You can watch it from the 3:46 mark in the video below.

Going back to the day before SuperM’s U.S. debut, we saw the members rehearsing on the grand stage that was set up especially for them outside the Capitol Records Tower. Lee Sooman was there as well, carefully monitoring the performance and cheering them on.

Back at their dorm, the boys were treated to a rooftop barbecue party! They ate delicious food and spent some quality time together.
At one point, Taemin’s inner fanboy came out, as he started praising Ten on his drawing skills and overall talent. He talked about how Ten was busy drawing and studying languages on the plane while he was sitting next to him watching Netflix, which made Taemin feel embarrassed, so he turned off the subtitles. Can you believe that Ten makes even the great Taemin feel like an underachiever?
Finally, the members had a toast together and blew out the “SUPERM” candles on a cake before going to bed in order to be well rested for their big day.


The day of SuperM’s debut showcase had arrived! We saw the excited crowd that was eagerly waiting for them as well as backstage shots of the members practicing and feeling nervous before their first U.S. performance. Luckily, they had each other to lean on.

It was only for a second, but we finally got to see that TaeKai hug Taemin brought up during their Twitter Blueroom Q&A! Also, just as they were about to hit the stage, Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark all put their hands together and did a team chant that may sound familiar:

‘Cause when we jumping and popping we jopping!

In case you missed it, the full show is available right here:

Didn’t they do an amazing job?

Special stage 3: “Jopping”

So, did you guys enjoy the show? Let us know your favorite moment(s) in the comments!

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