SuperM To Release New Song For Collaboration With Korean Air + Teasers

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UPDATE (November 3)

One day before the special project between Korean Air and SuperM is unveiled to the world, the company shared another group teaser image on its Instagram Story.

The “Avengers of K-Pop” are truly a vision in white and soon they will take us off on another adventure.

Stay tuned for the CF premiere tomorrow on Korean Air’s official YouTube channel!

UPDATE (November 2)

Finally, the individual teaser for the last SuperM member was revealed – and Taemin was definitely worth the wait!

Stick around to find out what else Korean Air has in store before the official CF/MV release on Monday.

UPDATE (November 1)

November brought us teasers starring Baekhyun with his fluffy pink hair…

Ten looking chic and staring into our souls…

And, finally, another group shot from the video filming. We can’t wait for November 4!

UPDATE (October 31)

Today, we got a visual attack from Lucas and Taeyong. Check out the latest teaser photos here:

UPDATE (October 30)

It’s time for individual teasers!

Kai and Mark have been revealed today, looking as handsome as ever in those white outfits.

Only five days to go until we see (and hear) what SuperM × Korean Air have in store!

UPDATE (October 29)

Today, Korean Air posted two photo teasers of its collab with SuperM – a light and dark version.

Check them out here:

Original article

SuperM is teaming up with Korean Air, the largest airline and flag carrier in South Korea, for an advertisement! This partnership will also reportedly include the release of two safety demonstration videos (each 15 seconds long) that the members filmed earlier this month.

On October 28, the company released a teaser for the CF starring the “Avengers of K-Pop”, featuring a never before heard track with the verse:

Let's go everywhere!

The full ad will be released on November 4 on Korean Air’s official YouTube channel. Check out the boys looking gorgeous in the teaser video below!

Are you excited about the possibility of a new song release by SuperM?

Stay tuned for updates.

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