Taeyeon Delivers A Powerful Message Of Self-Love In “Dear Me”

On January 15, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon made her first solo comeback in the new decade with Purpose – The Second Album Repackage, featuring a total of 15 songs: the twelve tracks from her second LP as well as three new releases.

The title track “Dear Me” is a signature Taeyeon ballad with comforting lyrics that include a positive message of self-love and trust in oneself. This personal note is emphasized in the music video, where the focus remains on Taeyeon in every aesthetically pleasing scene, so the words directed to herself really resonate:

I love myself
I trust myself
The words that will hold me

On the other hand, Track 2 “My Tragedy” is a trip hop song that poetically compares the painful heart following a breakup to a lunar eclipse. Ingeniously, the highlight clip for this track was released on the exact day a lunar eclipse was visible from Seoul, Korea – January 11, 2020. “My Tragedy” starts with the sound of a reed organ and leads to an orchestral arrangement…Listening to Taeyeon’s voice on the bridge is honestly a religious experience.

The final new song on this album, “Drawing Our Moments”, is another power ballad elevated by Taeyeon’s emotional vocals. It features the sounds of an acoustic guitar and a flute, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere for the listener. Taeyeon sings of the special everyday moments one experiences with the person they love.

Earlier today, SMTOWN posted a short Q&A session with Taeyeon, during which she revealed that “Dear Me” is her favorite song on the repackage album and that she felt sadness while recording it. However, she believes that the goal of Purpose is achieved because she could express the words she’d been wanting to say to herself. Check out the full video below and – until English subtitles are added – the translation on this link.

So, everyone, how did you like the new songs? Are you more of a “Spark” or “Dear Me” kind of person?

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