Taeyeon Wins First Daesang At 2020 SMAs

On January 30, Taeyeon received her first Daesang as a soloist at the 29th Seoul Music Awards. She won in the Digital Song category, making “Four Seasons” the song of the year (SOTY) 2019!

Queen Taeng also performed “Spark” and won the Bonsang and OST Award at tonight’s ceremony.

The singer was visibly shocked when her name was called for the Grand Prize, so she held a short speech thanking her fans and everyone who works with her, getting more emotional by the second.

I didn’t [expect it], really. I was just talking with Red Velvet, but…I am really flustered right now. Firstly, thank you so so much. I feel like there are more people here who should have received it. Thank you.
Thank you to the fans. Because there are people who always wait for me and listen [to my music], I think I am able to continue singing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
There are a lot of amazing producers who created great songs [for me]. Thank you all so much. I’ll continue working hard, seriously. Thank you. SONE, I love you, thank you.

Congratulations to Taeyeon and SONE!

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