Taeyeon Wins No. 1 For “Spark” On Music Bank + Lyric Video Release


As a special gift for the fans, SM just released the lyric video for Track 8 from Taeyeon’s Purpose album: “Do You Love Me?”.


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On the November 8 episode of KBS’ Music Bank, Taeyeon and MONSTA X were nominated for first place, with Taeyeon ultimately taking home the trophy with 6,104 points!

This is Taeyeon’s first win for her latest title track “Spark” and 19th solo win overall. “Four Seasons” is also still going strong on Music Bank‘s top 20 chart, taking 18th place today.

She has not appeared on any music shows so far, as she decided to pay respects to her late friend Sulli by not engaging in any promotion for the new album Purpose (except for fansign events). Still, you can see a performance of “Spark” in this dance practice video:

Despite the lack of promotional activities, she once again proved to be a powerhouse on the digital charts, achieving 15 real-time all-kills the day the LP was released, soaring to No. 1 on iTunes in 21 countries, and breaking a number of records. More on that here.

Taeyeon also released an OST for Frozen 2 just yesterday, so make sure to check it out. Ice and fire, she can do it all.

Congratulations to queen Taeng!

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