TOMORROW X TOGETHER Comeback Countdown

D-3 (October 18, 12 am KST)

They say good things come to those who wait, and after hearing the preview of all the songs on The Dream Chapter: Magic we have to agree wholeheartedly.

We saw a lot of already familiar names credited for the songs, including Pdogg, ADORA, the man Bang PD himself, and our very own Hueningkai.

“New Rules” seems to be the first bop on the album. Just like the title track “Run Away” it has a distinctly upbeat sound. While “Run Away” is leaning more towards pop-rock, “New Rules” is still very pop-y, despite the heavy bass which can be heard during the chorus. “20 cm” sounds like a slower song which will let the boys show off their amazing vocals, just like “Magic Island“. “Poppin’ Star” seems like an adorable song which deserves an equally adorable choreography. We didn’t know what to expect from a song titled “Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive”, but the track didn’t disappoint – it’s energetic and perfect for letting loose and jumping around. We’re sure it will be amazing to hear the song live. The song Hueningkai helped produce, “Roller Coaster”, seems to have so many layers even from the few seconds we’ve heard today, and “Angel Or Devil” is definitely going to become synonymous with “the perfect bop”.

The album sounds amazing in and of itself, but when you remember that this is TXT’s first comeback ever, it makes it even more special. We’re so happy to hear that all the hard work the boys must have put in these songs has definitely paid off.

Can’t wait for Monday!

D-4 (October 17, 12 am KST)

FINALLY after more than two weeks of teasing, we got to hear a snippet of TXT’s new title track “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)“!

From the few seconds of the song Big Hit has graciously revealed, we already know that we have a B-O-P coming our way in just slightly over three days!

The song is incredibly upbeat and if you managed to not move while watching this preview, you’re absolutely made of stone. And don’t get us started on the choreography! Beomgyu and Hueningkai snapped!

We didn’t expect anything less from Big Hit and these talented five boys, but they still managed to exceed our expectations. Outstanding! (Get it? Like in Harry Potter? O.W.L.s?)

This just might be the first time ever we’re so excited for Monday to come!

D-7 (October 14, 12 am KST)

MOA Potterheads, is BigHit really playing with us so much? After a few days of no teasers, they are back with the first teaser for TXT’s next title track “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)“. And true to its name, what we can see from the video they uploaded, it is very Harry-Potter-in-21st-century-Korea-ish.

If the music sounds vaguely familiar to you, it’s because it is highly reminiscent of the legendary “Hedwig’s Theme” song from the Harry Potter franchise.

The short video is absolutely action packed with the boys sneaking in somewhere, maybe their school, at night, running somewhere, then running FROM someone/something and then Soobin did THAT at the end.

What are those glasses supposed to do? What do the symbols he drew mean? What is going to happen to them (and us) on October 21?

Hang in there, MOA!

D-10 (October 11, 12 pm KST)

After all the extremely visually pleasing teasers, Big Hit decided to finally give us some actual information regarding TXT’s upcoming comeback.

We’re getting eight (we’re sure, incredible) tracks with quite interesting titles. In our last update we joked about this concept looking like a K-drama and Harry Potter had a baby, but now we think it might be true – their second track is called “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)” and all we have to say to that is see ya at Kings Cross at 11 am on October 21.

All Harry Potter jokes aside, we’ve been waiting for their comeback since the beginning of August and it’s so nice to see how much thought and care has gone into it. This seems so well thought out, our minds are most definitely be blown when the album drops.

D-13 (October 8, 12 am KST)

MOA, we got official teasers two days in a row! How are we feeling?

After yesterday’s “Sanctuary” concept photos, today we got “Arcadia” and they seem much darker than anything we’ve seen from the boys so far. It’s like a chilling teen K-drama and Harry Potter had a baby and Bang PD adopted it.

What is Soobin doing in that pool? And what are all of them doing in that empty classroom at night?

What is that powder somebody is throwing at them? And who let Yeonjun look this good? All very valid questions in our opinion.

We know that teasers are supposed to tease us, but this is taking it too far. How will all that we’ve seen so far come together on the 21st? What are “Sanctuary” and “Arcadia“? The boys in the “Arcadia” photos look like the evil twins of the boys in the “Sanctuary” photos… if any of them had a bad bone in their body.

We know we only have to wait for less than two weeks, but if they keep dropping teasers like these, October 21 can’t come soon enough.

D-14 (October 7, 12 am KST)

After a few days of blissful rest, Big Hit entertainment decided that the weekend is over and it was time for all MOAs to get attacked by TXT’s visuals first thing on Monday.

A few minutes ago they uploaded a series of photos with the caption “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC – Concept Photo ‘Sanctuary'”. Let’s take a look.

First we have the group photos. We love ALL the members equally, but Yeonjun with his electric blue simply stands out! We love some pop of color in our lives on these grey fall days.

Then we have our leader Soobin and the maknae Hueningkai, both looking way too good for our health. Soobin looks incredibly mature with his raven hair and that serious expression.

Hueningkai with this slightly longer hair is something we needed, but definitely didn’t deserve. Do you see how fast our baby is growing up? He’s turning into a giant maknae.

Silver haired Beomgyu and blue haired Yeonjun are definitely going to be a deadly combination once the MV for their title-track drops on the 21st!

And finally we have Taehyun. The emerald shirt he’s wearing really makes his big doe eyes pop, and that hairstyle is making us want to bring the adjective “dashing” back.

In the photos/videos we see the boys at various locations, including a what appears to be a public bathroom with writings on the tiled walls. We can see phrases such as “Go straight!”, “They love me”, “Now or never” and many more written behind the boys. Knowing Big Hit, none of this is there “just because”, and everything will somehow tie into a breathtaking story on October 21.

Will the title track be named “Sanctuary“? How do you think these photos fit into what we have previously seen in their concept trailer?

Stay tuned for all updates!

D-18 (October 4, 9 pm KST)

MOA, are Big Hit and TXT intentionally playing with us? We were ready for 12 am KST updates, then yesterday they released their dance focus video at 7 pm and today they release these photos at 9 pm! We need a schedule, a pattern, something to hold on to!

The boys look absolutely adorable in these photos, but that’s not much of an update or a teaser, that’s just facts. Maybe we’ll get something official tonight at 12 am KST? Maybe something about… running away together?

First Hueningkai asked us: “Shall we run away together?” and then both Taehyun and Soobin repeated the phrase in their videos they uploaded yesterday evening.

Earlier today the boys went on V Live and teased Hueningkai about the phrase and he said he kept practicing how he should say it, so maybe this is just some not-so-private joke between the boys, but given that they are Bang PD’s children, we sincerely doubt it. It has to be a hint.

Stay tuned for all updates!

D-19 (October 3)


What is going on MOA? We thought we were safe until 12 am KST, but turns out TXT don’t like to play by the rules, and we’re kind of here for it. At 7 pm KST the boys uploaded a video – a Dance focus of their Concept Trailer which they uploaded yesterday.

Now, this is not a behind-the-scenes video in the traditional sense, but it still shows us how yesterday’s work of art came into being. The amazing thing about the video, or about them, is that seeing the less edited version doesn’t make it any less magical. If anything, it makes us even more excited for their comeback!

Editing makes everything look easy, but now we really got to see how much hard work and talent really went into filming their concept trailer.

This video really showcased their impressive dance skills and how well they work as a group, despite being less than a year old.

Stay tuned for all further updates!

12 am KST

Big Hit are really not playing this time around. Only a day after they announced the comeback, they’re giving us a four-minute long Concept Trailer.

There’s so much to unpack here. The boys have taken us through time, space and other dimensions during those four minutes, all the while showing their impeccable dance moves.

The video starts with them being surrounded by their signature blue and yellow colors, a nod to their comeback mini album The Dream Chapter: Star.

The music in the video is somewhat fiercer than what we had the opportunity to hear from TXT, and so are their dance moves – just look at Yeonjun and Soobin at 0:45.

We love that throughout the video the boys keep reaching for each other, helping one another get to their final destination.

At the very end of the video Hueningkai asked us: “Shall we run away together?”, while standing in front of an open door.

Maybe in the next teaser they take us there.

Stay tuned for all further updates and check out our article on TXT’s upcoming fansign.

D-20 (October 2, 12 am KST)

MOA, the time has finally come!

After their comeback has been postponed not once, but twice due to all members except for Beomgyu getting infectious conjunctivitis, Big Hit has finally announced their very long-awaited comeback!

On October 21 we’re getting TXT’s first full album The Dream Chapter: Magic.

All we have to say is, bring it on! We all need some magic in our lives!

Stay tuned for all future updates and countdown with us!

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