TOMORROW X TOGETHER Magical Comeback Stage

Today, October 24, TXT had their first ever comeback stage on Mnet’s M Countdown.

First they performed “Angel Or Devil”, and the happiness on the boys’ faces while they were performing was absolutely contagious. Judging by the cheers from the crowd, the song is already a fan favorite. And how could it not be when it contains references not only to their own previous song, but also their sunbae BTS’ old hit?

After that, the boys performed their magical title track “Run Away”. Although we loved the schoolboy aesthetic they had going on during “Angel Or Devil”, those all-white adidas outfits are definitely our favorite. We also love how their choreos always emphasize their unity as a group.

Did you hear MOA’s fanchant at the beginning of their performance? We bet the boys are so proud of them.

Another thing TXT should be proud of is the fact that they are the only rookies to have two albums at no.1 US iTunes in 2019.

Congratulations on your amazing comeback stage and an overall extremely successful comeback, boys!

We can’t wait for those music show wins to start rolling in.

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