TOMORROW X TOGETHER Release “Angel Or Devil” Teasers

5th TEASER (November 28, 12 am KST)

The final teaser for “Angel Or Devil” has just been uploaded and we got to see a hilarious interaction between angel Soobin and devil Taehyun!

All that’s left for us to do now is wait for Big Hit to release the MV!

4th TEASER (November 27, 11 pm KST)

The fourth boy to get his own teaser is our beloved leader angel Soobin!

Is you don’t think that that pink balloon heart is the softest thing ever, you have some reevaluating to do.

We are more than ready for our second devil Taehyun to bless us with his teaser in an hour, so stay tuned for that!

3rd TEASER (November 27, 10 pm KST)

Just an hour after devil Yeonjun, TXT are back with another teaser. Check out Hueningkai being what we already knew he is – both an angel and a devil.

Are they planing to release the rest of the teasers today? There are only two boys left – Taehyun and Soobin – which means that by midnight KST all the teasers can be out…

Does this mean we’re getting the MV tomorrow?

2nd TEASER (November 27, 9 pm KST)

A few fays after we found out that there is an “Angel Or Devil” MV coming our way, we got a second teaser, this time with Yeonjun as the main character.

While Beomgyu was our favorite little angel in the first teaser, we have to say we are completely loving devil Yeonjun. That pouty frown at the end of the clip is nothing short of adorable.

Who do you think is going to star in the next teaser? Also, when do you think we are going to get it? Big Hit is famous for having an unpredictable schedule and keeping us on our toes.

1st TEASER (November 24, 12 am KST)

MOA, what is happening?

On Sunday, November 24, at midnight sharp, Big Hit released a surprise “Angel Or Devil” teaser starring Beomgyu.

Apart from this adorable video, the company has not given us any other information. We can’t say for sure if there is another MV coming our way or if this is going to be something completely different.

Stay tuned for all further updates!

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