TOMORROW X TOGETHER Release Teasers For “Magic Island” MV

D-1 (November 17)

MOA, we finally got the last teaser for “Magic Island”!

Taehyun seems to be lost and his caption reads:

There has to be a way out of here

The two Korean hashtags mean “the world has collapsed” and “let’s think about it carefully”. It seems that Taehyun has to figure out how to escape and reunite with his fellow members.

It’s only one day to go till we see what’s going on with the boys on their magic island. Are you excited?

D-2 (November 16)

TXT’s giant maknae Hueningkai is in the second to last teaser for “Magic Island”.

His caption says:

What happened here?

The first Korean hashtag mentions a kitten, while the second one means “feeling anxious”.

We can definitely see why he would feel anxious. What is Big Hit up to with this music video?

D-3 (November 15)

MOA, today we have Soobin as our main hero!

What is happening? What is that sound he heard? We don’t know that, but we do know what the caption says:

Is this moment real or is it just a dream?

The two Korean hashtags are “I’m the only one who’s different” and “Star Song”.

We can’t wait to see how all of this is going to tie together in three days!

D-4 (November 14)

Yeonjun is the star of the second “Magic Island” MV teaser.

The caption beneath his post is exceptionally eerie…

It seems that there’s someone here apart from us

… and the Korean hashtags read “it’s because of me” and #practice room ghost”.

What does this all mean? Who is he looking at? And who, or what, is looking at them?

D-5 (November 13)

Today, November 13 at 8 pm KST, Big Hit released the first teaser for TXT’s “Magic Island” MV, which will be revealed on November 18 at midnight KST.

The star of the first teaser is Beomgyu.

The caption beneath Beomgyu’s “post” reads:

Whatever happens, let’s just do it.

The two Korean hashtags are #rewind and #IcantTrustAnyone respectively.

Are you excited about this continuation of the TXT Universe? Who do you think will be in the next teaser?

Stay tuned for all further updates!

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