TOMORROW X TOGETHER Talk About Their BTS Sunbaes On ‘Idol Room’

Today, November 12, TOMORROW X TOGETHER appeared on JTBC’s Idol Room.

One part of the episode that really stood out to everyone was when the boys opened up about their relationship with their BTS sunbaes.

If you’re a MOA, you already know that TXT like to show their respect for BTS in the most creative ways, like the time they did the J-Hope’s Chicken Noodle Soup challenge.

Lately we have been getting more and more interactions between the two Big Hit’s groups. Less than a month ago, Jimin and Taehyung crashed TXT’s V Live and we got to hear Taehyung praising the boys for their impeccable work ethic.

Today we found out more about their relationship. The boys reminisced about Jin buying them pizza after they debuted – he really is the ultimate Big Hit hyung. They also talked about how much they appreciate when their sunbaes praise and encourage them.

We found out that Beomgyu spent a lot of time during his trainee days studying Taehyung’s fancams to learn more about his amazing stage presence. Honestly, he couldn’t have chosen a better role model.

The boys also did a dance cover of BTS’ “Boy In Luv” (which they reference in their song “Angel Or Devil”) and “Dope”. If you’ve seen this part of the episode, you have to agree – Beomgyu’s studying has really paid off!

While TXT are praising them for being such good sunbaes on national TV, BTS are on their way to Helsinki, Finland, for an unknown overseas schedule.

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