TOMORROW X TOGETHER Reveal Official Lightstick

UPDATE (January 20)

It’s here, it’s really finally here!

On January 20, a few minutes after 3 pm KST, Big Hit revealed the design of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s official lightstick.

The stars that shine brightly like this,
Only we can recognize each other,
Wherever we are

The beautiful lightstick is going to be released tomorrow, January 21.

Are your wallets ready, MOA?


It seems like MOA are finally getting the lightstick they have wanted for so long now!

On January 18, Big Hit tweeted a mysterious video from their official merch Twitter.

The subtitles in the video say the following:

When darkness falls in the sky, one or two stars appear together, stars that like to sing while dreaming of tomorrow. What seems to be the Star’s name?

Then today, January 19, the teasing continued.

The stars that dream of tomorrow can recognize each other. The twinkling stars that we meet give off colorful lights and use sparkling magic together. You can see the real Star over there.

The final piece of the puzzle was this gif.

The caption reads “Can you see the beautiful Star?”, and MOAs who looked at the gif through the 3D glasses they received with their The Dream Chapter: Magic album definitely could!

According to them, when you look at the gif through the glasses, you see an outline of a lightstick and the words “The Star is Moment of Alwaysness”.

MOA, isn’t this such a Big Hit thing to do? Are you excited about finally getting a lightstick?

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