[TOMORROW X TOGETHER] Yeonjun And Taehyun Talk Chuseok Plans

MOA, did you breathe a sigh of relief when you saw that Yeonjun looks healthy in the V Live? It looks like the pesky infectious conjunctivitis is under control.

The boys didn’t talk about much in the video, they teased each other and read fans’ comments, but they did mention their plans for Chuseok.

According to them, they will have to spend the holiday in work mode – they’ll either be recording, exercising or practicing (new?) choreos.

As you already know, Yeonjun’s birthday is on September 13, and he said he was hoping they would be in the middle of promotions then, because he wanted to hear MOA sing him a song like they did for Beomgyu.

We have no doubt that MOAs on Twitter already have a plan to make the birthday boy happy, though. Maybe they’ll do what Taehyun proposed and film themselves singing for Yeonjun.

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