[TOMORROW X TOGETHER] Yeonjun Teases Hueningkai On V Live

Today, September 18, Yeonjun and Hueningkai went on V Live.

For the duration of the whole video the boys here happily munching on some delicious food. At one point they were joined by Beomgyu who didn’t stick around. He just came to steal some food.

The subject of what the boys got Yeonjun for his birthday was raised, and he said that Beomygu bought him a hoodie and Soobin gave him a new pair of sneakers. His favorite practice sneakers got worn out and before he got the chance to replace them, Soobin bought him that same pair for his birthday. Such a thoughtful gift.

We also found out that Hueningkai’s present still hasn’t arrived. The maknae told Yeonjun to be patient and that the shipment will eventually arrive, to which Yeonjun responded with “When? In ten years?”. Well, we’re certainly hoping that the boys will still be together and thriving in ten years.

Hueningkai promised he would share a photo of what he got for his birthday back in August, and he came through.

After their broadcast ended, the boys blessed us with a few selcas over on their Twitter account.

Also, we’re a bit late with the article so it’s already after midnight, which means that it’s officially 200 days since TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted! Congratulations, boys!

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