TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Upcoming Japanese Magazine Covers + A Mysterious Post

It’s a good time to be a MOA!

Our boys are gearing up for their Japanese debut on January 15, when they will release their single “Magic Hour”.

In addition to that, in the next two months, TXT are going to grace not one but two magazine covers in Japan!

First they are going to appear on the cover of the February issue of STAR1 magazine.

Then in March, the boys are going to grace the cover of a special edition of Non-no magazine.

We honestly can’t decide which cover suits the boys better!

To make MOA’s lives more exciting (but also more stressful), a set of mysterious posts appeared on TXT’s official Instagram account.

All the posts have the same caption: “Dream MOA”, which can also be a play on words for “Gather your dreams”.

These posts left MOAs on Twitter guessing what the boys have in store for them now. Some of the most popular guesses are the release of TXT’s official lightstick (it’s high time, don’t you think?), or possibly a world tour.

In any case, we’re very excited to spend our 2020 with TOMORROW X TOGETHER!

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