TWICE Address Stalker Issue On V LIVE

On December 21, TWICE held a surprise VLIVE on their way back home from the MBC studio where they prerecorded their MBC Gayo Daejejeon stage.

Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Sana went live from their van and talked about the upcoming holidays and what they would like to receive for Christmas. The girls also answered some of the fans’ burning questions.

A Korean ONCE asked the members how they felt about the fans who constantly try to contact them, and Nayeon immediately replied:

Please don’t think of them as fans.

We are very thankful that you like us, but that’s the wrong way of liking someone. I wanted to let you know that. We don’t like it.

Sana strongly agreed with her, and although the girls worded it in a very polite and calm manner, it’s clear that all the recent events related to people invading their privacy have been getting to them.

Apart from Nayeon’s stalker, TWICE were also followed after their recent “TWICELIGHTS in Japan” concert, causing them to cut the VLIVE short.

Many ONCE were angered by these events and JYPE issued warnings to such individuals multiple times.

Let’s hope that such incidents do not occur again and the girls stay safe and happy.

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