[TWICE] Airport Staff Leaks Dahyun’s Info + JYPE’s Statement

On December 29, TWICE were greeted by the usual crowd of reporters and fansites at Gimpo Airport (on their way to Japan), and an incident occurred during the members’ passport screening this morning.

While all the fansites and reporters were in the middle of taking photos of the girls, a member of airport staff turned Dahyun’s passport upside down multiple times, allowing everyone to take photos of it.

Although Dahyun realized what was going on and tried covering her passport, her personal information spread on the internet like wildfire and JYP Entertainment issued a statement about the incident soon afterwards.

Read the full statement below.

Hello, this is JYPE.

During the group’s immigration screening this morning, Dahyun’s personal information, such as her unique identification and resident registration number, was filmed and spread online.

Leaking and spreading personal information is a violation of the Personal Information Protection Act as well as other laws, and we ask that everyone stop spreading it immeditately.

We would like to inform you that we will take appropriate legal action regarding any continuous circulation [of this information].

Thank you.

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