TWICE Announce Collaboration With Kakao Friends

Earlier today, the “Nation’s Girl Group” surprised their  fans once again when they announced a collaboration with the famous Korean character brand Kakao Friends. This is the first time ever that the brand teamed up with a K-pop group in order to create a brand new, personalized collection of products. The girls even found time despite their busy schedule  to meet up with the brand’s designer team and create a part of the collection all by themselves. The first nine products were released today, both in Korea and globally, while the remaining 20 items are set to hit the shelves in October.

As explained in the “Kakao Friends TWICE Edition” making-of video, the products are divided in three categories – “Travel Goods”, “Living Goods” and “Beauty Goods” – that come with key beauty tips from the members. When designing their future makeup kit colors (01:55) TWICE members chose colors that go well with their current “TWICELIGHTS World Tour” concept, so ONCEs can definitely expect something chic and sexy. 

Starting from 03:01, you can see the girls drawing their favorite products, and at the end of the video Momo explains where they drew inspiration from: “We have also been abroad a lot, so we thought about what kind of things we need since we have experienced it in real life”, and Chaeyoung added: “We made these products with passion!” The video closes with a cute message from Sana: “We are super excited! We hope you guys are all super excited too!”

ONCE, are you excited as much as we are? A TWICE x Kakao Friends item is a must-have. Let us know your favorite item below!

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