[TWICE] Another Day, Another Daesang!

TWICE have been collecting all the major awards left and right! Just one day after they snatched the Music of the Year Award at Soribada Best K-Music Awards, the girls were also awarded the Hallyu Culture Award at the Newsis 2019 K-Expo that was held earlier today in Seoul.

Tzuyu and Dahyun attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the group. During her thank-you speech Dahyun said: “It’s such an honor to stand here with so many people who have contributed to the growth of our culture around the world. Thank you for thinking so highly of us. With your support we will continue growing as artists and show you an even better TWICE!”

Tzuyu then added: “Thank you for such an important award today! I believe that we are able to receive the award thanks to all the love fans around the world have been showing for TWICE. We will come back with better and cooler stages in the future. Thank you.”

Dahyun and Tzuyu later shared these adorable photos from the ceremony on the group’s official Twitter account:

Today’s award marks TWICE’s 14th daesang (you can see our article with the list of all of their top awards here) and we’re sure there are many more to come. 

Congratulations to TWICE! 

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