TWICE Appear On ‘Kiss The Radio’

Do TWICE members even sleep?

Today, the group first promoted “Feel Special” on M Countdown (and got their second win) and later, at 10 pm KST, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Tzuyu appeared on KBS Cool FM’s Kiss The Radio.

The host Park Won started off with a series of questions. He first asked the girls to recommend the listeners a song that they’ve been listening to a lot recently. 

Jeongyeon said that she really likes Post Malone’s “Circles” and Seventeen’s “Pinwheel”. She added that she usually doesn’t listen to other idol groups’ songs but “Pinwheel” has stuck with her for some reason.

Jihyo chose “My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker and Kwon Jinah’s “Shape Of Me”. Dahyun decided to promote TWICE even more and suggested “Feel Special”. A queen indeed! Lastly, Tzuyu suggested that everyone listen to Lady Gaga’s  “I’ll Never Love Again”.

Then, Park Won asked the girls if they fight a lot and Jihyo jokingly asked Jeongyeon to show everyone how they do it. Tzuyu took it upon herself to stop her unnies’ nonsense and seriously replied that they “always talk it out instead of fighting”. The unnie line then calmed down and agreed with their youngest member. 

After that, the MC asked the girls how they feel about the ongoing comeback promotions. Jihyo, being the leader, answered: “These promotions are really special to us. For the first time I felt that we shouldn’t take for granted the times when we promoted as nine members.”

Lastly, Park Won asked the four members where they’d like to go if they were given long vacations.

Jihyo said she’d love to simply stay at home with her family and eat homemade food.

Jeongyeon would meet all the people that she feels grateful to but can’t meet often due to their busy schedules.

Dahyun would stay at home because she is a homebody, and she thinks that a longer break would just help her resume their activities more easily later on.

Tzuyu answered that she’d like to go to Europe during the TWICE’s next holidays because she hasn’t visited many places there yet. The MC then asked her how long she’d like to stay if she could choose, to which the maknae responded that one month would be just right. 

After this segment, the girls greeted the fans for the last time and Jeongyeon promised to come back as OT9. It seems that she just can’t stop mentioning Mina recently and we think that their love for each other is truly touching.

Park Won has just uploaded the four members’ photos on Kiss The Radio’s official Instagram account. Check them out below:

Stay tuned for more TWICE updates!

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