[TWICE] Chaeyoung & Nayeon Tease Tzuyu + Momo’s Possible Spoiler

TWICE have really been active on their official Instagram account lately and it seems that they are having so much fun teasing some of the members – or teasing ONCEs.

Yesterday, August 24, Nayeon posted a set of photos of Tzuyu eating in the backstage area with the following caption: “No matter how I take the photos, Tzuyu always looks so pretty.”

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얜 뭐 막 찍어도 예쁘고 난리 ;; 💙

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Then today, Chaeyoung followed the lead and posted this video with a similar caption: “No matter how I call her, she always looks so pretty.”

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얜 뭐 막 불러도 이쁘고 난리 ;; 🙊🍓😘

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Fans are now wondering whether the two members were simply teasing their maknae or maybe the two similar captions were actually spoilers. And since TWICE are known as “queens of spoilers” we simply cannot completely dismiss the possibility of some hidden meaning behind the two posts. 

Also, Momo has recently been posting selfies with some quite cryptic captions below the photos but even the most skillful “detective ONCEs” haven’t been able to make sense out of it yet. Come to think of it again, it also wouldn’t be the first time TWICE are simply teasing fans ahead of a comeback.  It seems like we will really need to wait for the comeback teaser and MV to see the new concept. Meanwhile, you can take a look at Momo’s photos down below and tell us what you think about it. 😏 

(Thank you @SubjectKpop for gathering all the photos 🙏)

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