[TWICE] Chaeyoung Reveals She Plans To Compose Songs

Today, September 28, TWICE held their first “Feel Special” fansign event, during which the members revealed some interesting details. 

A fan asked Sana how long they are planning to promote this time and she answered that the comeback promotions will go on for approximately three weeks. That will leave the group enough time to prepare for their Halloween fan meeting, scheduled for October 20, and the Japanese tour starts on October 23 in Hokkaido. 

Momo said that she was planning to post more videos of her and Sana in Hawaii, but her phone broke down recently so she can’t edit the footage now. While we’re waiting for Momo to get her phone fixed, you can check out her editing skills in SaMo’s first Hawaii video.

Now, let’s see what Chaeyoung had to say! Firstly, a fan complimented her most recent tattoo. ONCEs have been trying to guess the meaning behind it and Chaeyoung finally revealed today that it was indeed a fish. She was also the one who drew the design. 

More importantly, Chaeyoung pointed out that she’s recently been learning how to compose songs. All TWICE fans know how capable Chaeyoung is when it comes to writing lyrics, and it seems that we could soon get to see Chaeyoung the producer as well.

Before the event started, TWICE also performed “Feel Special” on MBC’s Music Core. Check out their stage in the video below.

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