[TWICE] Chaeyoung TV: Meet “Real Chaeyoung”

Two weeks after Chaeyoung amazed all K-pop fans with her fresh and unique perspective on idol life and fan culture in an interview with GQ Magazine, TWICE shared two more videos featuring the outspoken maknae.

The maknae explained: “Today I shot with boyish and manish feeling, which is a quite different image of me!” 

The first one – “Real CHAEYOUNG” – brings you the highlights from the photoshoot for GQ Magazine in August and Chaeyoung’s comments about the darker, more mature concept. 

She sure oozes confidence while posing in all-black leather outfit, and the shorter black hair definitely suits her.

You can check out the full video with English subtitles below:

The second video of the day is called “TMI interview”, in which Chaeyoung revealed some interesting details about herself and the members.

We wouldn’t want to spoil the whole video so we’ll just drop a few questions here and let you find out the answers in the video.

Do you know what “Strawberry Santa” is? And which TWICE member worked in a bakery right before their debut? Who is the most caring member of the group, according to Chaeyoung? 

Chaeyoung also revealed that she really likes fans’ edits of her, so you know what that means, right? Our “baby beast” has been lurking on Instagram and Twitter!

Well, we hope she stumbles upon our Tweet and checks out this article. 

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