TWICE, Chen, NCT DREAM, Chungha, And More Perform At SBS Super Concert In Incheon

On October 6, SBS held their third Super Concert of 2019 (following Gwangju in April and Hong Kong in July) at the Incheon Asiad Stadium, featuring a truly stellar lineup.

The main host of the night was the famous announcer Jang Yewon, who was at different times joined by idol MCs – in order of appearance: Seunghyub and Hweseung (N.Flying), Hyunjae (THE BOYZ), Jeno (NCT DREAM), Bae Jinyoung (CIX), EXO’s Chen, and Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO).

We now bring you the full recap of tonight’s concert!

SUPER STAGE (collaboration)

The show kicked off with a medley of Queen’s hits performed by N.Flying, AB6IX’s Daehwi, and THE BOYZ’ Hyunjae.
Firstly, Seunghyub, Hweseung, and Hyunjae opened the concert with “We Will Rock You”, afterwards joined by Daehwi for the performances of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Radio Ga Ga”, and, lastly, “Don’t Stop Me Now”.


The seven girls of NATURE took the stage next, looking beautiful in red and white. Accordingly, they first performed “I’m So Pretty”, followed by their latest single“Shut Up!”. NATURE’s cute and fresh charms were on full display tonight!


THE BOYZ started off with an adorable performance of “Bloom Bloom”. The only thing that could’ve made their stage better would be if Hwall was there… But let’s wait patiently for his recovery, The B!

After greeting the audience, the group wrapped things up with their latest bop “D.D.D”.


CIX appeared on stage to a cool intro, immediately followed by a charismatic performance of their debut hit “Movie Star”. Finally, BX, Seunghun, Yonghee, Jinyoung, and Hyunsuk showed off their chicness in “What You Wanted”.


Less than a day before their comeback, AB6IX blessed us with their presence at the Super Concert. They were literally shining on stage in their black and gray sparkly outfits. And those V-necks on Youngmin and Woojin… A round of applause for the stylist, please!

Not only did they perform their debut song “Breathe”, but also gave us a spoiler for the point dance move of their upcoming title track “Blind For Love”…and performed a song from their new album before its official release!

“Be There” is track 1 on the 6IXENSE album, that goes soft on the verses, but superhard on the chorus. And did you hear vocalist Woojin? We can’t wait for the full album!
Thanks to the boys for that special performance, ABNEW definitely loved it😍

Everything you need to know about their comeback is available here!


Queen Chungha was up next with “Snapping”. As usual, she was literally glowing on stage in her black and gold outfit and signature glittery makeup that she showed off on her Instagram Story before the concert started.

Before moving on to the next performance, she was joined on stage by MC Daehwi to do a “Worldwide Super Mission”. She talked in English – which us international fans sure appreciated – and made some Byulharangs’ day with sweet fan service.
Finally, Chungha wrapped up her stage with“Gotta Go”.


FNC’s band N.Flying got the crowd excited with performances of “Rooftop” and “Leave It”. During their ment, Jaehyun was once again the comedian we know him to be, as he wiped his imaginary tears after the audience reacted enthusiastically to their first song. In fact, all members were very energetic and funny, how can you possibly not love them?


The boys of ASTRO showed up looking classy in suits. They first performed the song that got them their first music show win this year: “All Night”.

After a short ment, they made us all emotional with “Always You”, followed by “Should Have Held On To You (Again)”.

So, we got to hear their hits from 2019, 2018 and 2017. What a treat for AROHA!


The Dreamies hit the stage after Chen introduced them as the “dongsaengs he treasures a lot”. Just look at all of them being cute together backstage:

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NCT DREAM performed “STRONGER” and “BOOM” before doing a “SUPER DREAM” game segment. Fun fact: Jisung introduced himself as DREAM’s freshwater eel… Do what you will with that information😂

The boys closed their part of the concert with a performance of the OT7 anthem “We Go Up”.

They also posted a selfie right after their stage with the caption:

It was really nice seeing you all. These days, the weather is a bit colder, so be careful not to catch a cold! I hope you liked Dreamies’ stage today too hhh


TWICE, the winners of today’s Inkigayo, kicked off their performance with “Feel Special” before greeting the fans. Can we talk about how stunning they looked in those red and black outfits? Wow.

Chaeyoung then announced “FANCY” as the next song and Tzuyu let the fans guess “YES or YES” for the final song by showing them her signature hand gesture from the choreo. Unfortunately, Mina wasn’t there for the iconic “Hey, boy” opening line, but the girls still delivered a powerful performance, and the way the they tweaked the choreography to fit the eight members is pure art. As always, we hope that Mina recovers soon so we can see her on stage with the rest of the members once again!


Finally, it was time for the artist both other performers and fans in the audience looked forward to the most – EXO’s Chen! Our favorite soloist started with a beautiful performance of his latest title track “Shall we?”, accompanied by EXO-Ls’ silver ocean.

During his ment, Jongdae expressed how he was nervous to perform at the Super Concert alone, as the last time was in Hong Kong with his fellow EXO members. However, he got a lot of support the fans, which made him feel better. He concluded by saying that he hopes that everybody spends a warm fall with him. Isn’t Chen the sweetest?

The final song of the night was “Beautiful goodbye”. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium, as everybody was so focused on Chen’s emotional and comforting voice. When the song ended, you could hear a loud chant from the crowd: “Encore! Encore!” That’s the power of EXO for you.

So, how did you guys like the 2019 Super Concert in Incheon? Whose stage did you enjoy the most? Comment down below!
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