TWICE Comeback Countdown (Part 1)

Welcome to TWICE comeback party! This article includes all nine individual teasers and comeback info released from September 9 to 17.

Update, 12 p.m. KST:

JYPE just released the last three photo teasers for the maknae line.

Blondish Tzuyu is really stunning, but can we still keep the one from yesterday’s teaser, please?

Chaeyoung might be famous for her “kind, but not soft” line, but she does look like a cute softie here, right?

Finally, we have Dahyun‘s photo teaser too! Isn’t that hair color just amazing on her? If Dubu keeps the same style during their comeback promotions this might as well be the best TWICE’s era so far.

With maknae line’s teasers out now, we will conclude the Part 1 of our special Comeback Countdown article.

The Part 2 will cover the rest of the teasers and other comeback information released from September 18 to 23. Stay tuned 😏

D-6, September 17

Miss Chou, how dare you?

In the video below you can see our Chewy casually strolling at Incheon Airport a couple of hours ago…

…only to attack us with her goddess-like visuals in this teaser that just dropped:

Which Greek goddess do you think Tzuyu is?

It’s clear now that TWICE intend to slay us with their visuals in this comeback, and the maknae really took it upon herself to deliver that final blow to poor ONCEs’ hearts.

Raise your hand if you think that Tzuyu is ready to snatch the top spot on TC Candler’s list of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2019🙌 We accept nothing less than first place for our not-so-baby maknae.

So, now that we got to see all nine teasers, what do you think the story behind the MV will be? With Tzuyu’s teaser, JYPE went back to the royal/elegant concept, but added a dash of mysterious, almost mythological, vibes to it…

We are excited to see all the puzzle pieces fall into place on September 23! Until then, you can check out Tzuyu’s and Elkie’s adventures in Taiwan here (Part 2) and here (Part 1).

D-7, September 16

Okaaay, so JYPE changed the concept of this comeback once again!

You don’t even have to be Chaeyoung’s fan to feel totally attacked by Chaeyoung staring right into your soul like that!

If TWICE promote the song on music shows in these teaser outfits, who will be able to survive Chaeyoung wearing this?

Also, the instrumental in this teaser is quite different from the previous ones and we just can’t help but wonder – are those all teasers for title song or a B-side?

While we’re waiting for Tzuyu’s teaser to drop tomorrow, you can read about her adventures with Elkie in Taiwan here (Part 2) and here (Part 1).

D-8, September 15

So, the new teaser is here and where do we even start?

Dahyun’s hair color and the glittery make-up, or just the whole movie-like atmosphere…?

We are getting more and more confused about this concept with each new teaser.

It seems that Dahyun’s teaser matches Momo’s the best, with these videos being the only ones that provide at least some kind of a background story. Nayeon’s, Jihyo’s, Sana’s, Jeongyeon’s and Mina’s teasers are all close-ups without barely any motion from the girls.

Dahyun is portrayed slowly strolling along the street on a rainy night but the mood doesn’t seem to be as dark as it was in Sana’s teaser. Instead, it would almost feel romantic if it weren’t for those mysterious figures behind her.

ONCE, what do you think about the story behind this comeback? The members are all shown on different locations but shouldn’t it all be connected in a way?

We’ll get one step closer to solving the mystery tomorrow when Chaeyoung’s teaser comes out!

Update, 12 p.m. KST:

It’s official – JYP Entertainment has been trolling ONCE!

First Momo’s forehead almost crushed Twitter and then Mina said goodbye to her bangs yesterday as well, only for the label to release a photo teaser of Sana, but with bangs!

ONCE, what is this game they’re playing?

Anyways, we think that she looks stunning, much like Jihyo and Mina in the photos below:

Fans’ reactions on Twitter are hilarious and we’re sure that there will be many more TWICE-related topics trending before September 23. In the meanwhile, we’ll just drop this gem here:

Stay tuned because the “School Meal Club” teasers are on the way!

Place your bets now – are we getting Dahyun’s bangs or her forehead tonight?

D-9, September 14


JYP Entertainment just released the long-awaited teaser for Mina and confirmed that she will participate in this comeback!

All fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that our Black Swan has finally made an appearance. And what an appearance it is!

We hate to compare different TWICE eras, but isn’t this Mina’s best look so far? The jewelry, the make-up, the hairstyle and that dress… Yesterday we said that Jihyo is a god, and Mina might as well be the queen of the world with these visuals:

We’re still nine days away from the “Feel Special” release on September 23, but this Feel Special era already seems to be groundbreaking for TWICE in so many ways and we can’t wait to see more!

Jihyo did trend worldwide yesterday shortly after her teaser was revealed, but Mina trended even before her video teaser was out! Now, that’s some dedication from ONCE!

Right now, ten minutes after the release, Mina’s two hashtagsare already the #1 and #2 trending topics on Twitter worldwide.

As usual, the fandom never fails to support each and every TWICE member, so we can only say: #NineOrNone.

Take your time, Mina, and come back when you’re ready💜 ONCEs will be here to welcome you with open arms!

D-10, September 13

Ladies and gents, God Jihyo is here! 🙌

The fifth video teaser for “Feel Special” is out now and it features none other than our almighty leader Jihyo.

We might have expected JYPE to continue with the badass girl crush vibes from Sana’s teaser, but they tricked us once (ONCE) again!

Jihyo is as elegant as can be in that black dress and take a look at those pearls… Everything in this teaser screams “expensive” and we love it!

Now, are you ready to break the Internet when Mina’s teaser comes out tomorrow?


It took our leader less than 20 minutes to become the #1 trending topic on Twitter worldwide, but, oh well, what else to expect from a God?

Also, the black dress we just mentioned is actually a $3,400 worth Balmain piece. Miss Park, how dare you?

P.s. Special thanks to the detective ONCE who found the dress ASAP – @twice__style.

D-11, September 12

Just when we were ready to give our all to the girls crush Jeongyeon, JYPE played us dirty and released THIS video teaser of Sana!

Wait…what, how, who?

We were not ready for this! Blue lenses, orange hair with pink highlights all while wearing a black leather jacket…?

Division 3, where’s the royal concept from the past three days?

The author of this article has to sit back a bit to come to her senses because this Sana is just too much.

ONCE, at this rate, do you think you can handle the remaining five teasers?

Update – September 11, 12 p.m. KST

JYP Entertainment just stepped up their game and released three photo teasers for Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Momo.

Many fans expressed how happy they are to see that JYPE’s Division 3 put a lot of effort and money in the preparations for the “Feel Special” comeback compared to April’s “FANCY” promotions.

We couldn’t possibly agree more! The girls look stunning in the photos below and the concept gives off almost royal vibes.

Take a lot at this photo and repeat after us: “Jeongyeon is everyone’s ultimate girl crush!”

Unfortunately, Momo’s forehead didn’t make an appearance in her photo teaser but we are still happy that she trended at #3 worldwide right after the video teaser was revealed last night.

Judging by all the small things about this comeback that cause so much buzz among K-pop fans we believe that TWICE’s new record-breaking comeback is right around the corner!

D-12, September 11

ONCE, when did we ask to be attacked like this?

Today’s video teaser brings us TWICE’s main dancer 💃

Momo is stunning in that black lace dress and the diamond necklace does remind a bit of Nayeon’s jewelry from the first teaser.

Also, Momo’s bangs are gone in this teaser! WOW!

ONCE, what do you have to say?

We think that this comeback is all about trying different concepts. Let’s see what JYPE will release for Sana tomorrow.

D-13 , September 10

This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!

No one was ready for classy Jeongyeon wearing red with golden earrings and her new, short black hairstyle!

We have to admit, “FANCY” era Jeongyeon was beautiful, but this teaser brings a whole new level of her visuals and charisma. And that soul piercing gaze is just overwhelming in all the good ways.

As a short reminder, here’s the famous “FANCY” teaser:

ONCE, which one do you like better?

Also, have you heard the news about TWICE’s new producer for this comeback? Hint: he produced Red Velvet’s “Zimzalabim”.

D-14, September 9

At 12 a.m. KST, JYP Entertainment finally dropped the first teaser for TWICE’s long-awaited comeback!

The 20-seconds long video features Nayeon looking all elegant and classy while wearing a set of diamond necklace and earrings.

As we guessed correctly before, the comeback is set for Monday, September 23. That means that from now on, we can probably expect at least one teaser a day.

And that’s not all!

It seems that the fans have guessed correctly that all the hints from TWICE’s recent V Lives and SOBA award show final speech were indeed spoilers for a special comeback.

According to TWICE’s latest Twitter post, the group’s eighth mini album is called Feel Special and it will be released on September 23 at 6 p.m. KST (Yes, Tzuyu was indeed spoiling the date back then.)

ONCE, do you think that we will also soon get a teaser that includes Momo’s hints?

Stay tuned for all the info!


It seems that Nayeon couldn’t wait any longer to show off the special outfit for the new MV. Minutes after the label shared her individual teaser, Nayeon added this photo to the group’s Instagram story.

We must agree, Nayeon-ah! You look amazing 🔥

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