TWICE Design “Always Together” Limited Kakao Items

Back in August, Kakao announced that they would team up with TWICE to come up with a set of limited Kakao items designed by the group.

A total of 23 different items hit the shelves of the Korean Kakao stores today, October 19. In the photo below you can see just how many fans were waiting in front of the Hongdae store this morning to buy the merch. 

According to TWICE members, the concept of this collaboration is TWICE being “Always Together” with each other and with ONCE.

The girls were divided in three teams in order to come up with personalised products and you can see the teams show their cute items in the videos below.

TEAM TRAVEL – Nayeon, Momo & Chaeyoung

With their packed schedule no wonder that the girls opted for travel items that will make the long hours spent in the airplane much more comfortable and easier. Momo’s peach neck pillow is just what everyone needs in their lives!

Chaeyoung said that she’d like to give the new Kakao x TWICE items to Momo as a gift because she keeps losing her stuff all the time. She exposed her unnie just like that! 

TEAM BEAUTY – Jihyo, Jeongyeon & Mina

Team Beauty proudly presented their brand new make-up set. The girls said that they showed it to their make-up artists who were really impressed with the quality of the new Kakao products. Jihyo then explained more about the items in the video below:

TEAM LIVING – Sana, Dahyun & Tzuyu

Team Living really went above and beyond to make all ONCEs’ lives more comfortable.

First, Tzuyu proudly showed the blanket she designed and explained how warm and soft it is. It also has cute little drawings on it and the words “Always Together” written on it, just like Chaeyoung’s little bag. Just how soft are the maknaes

Sana designed fuzzy socks, while Dahyun said that having a good eyeglass case is a must so she decided to make one. The girls then pulled out Kakao’s famous Apeach cushions, but they made some modifications to the regular design. All of them are super cute, but Sana’s “Baby Shapeach” might be the softest of them all.

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